I was at Whole Paycheck a couple of weeks ago stocking up on all those things that a family needs when the resident teenagers get the Plague and then generously share it with the woman who carried them each for nine months and then labored hard to bring them in this world. Because who doesn’t love a skull full of snot and lungs that cough all the coughs in the world?

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I’ve had grocery stores on the mind recently.

Over the past few years, various new stores have come into our town. This has led to stiff competition among all the stores, which has then led to a few closing, including a couple of my favorites, so now I’m reassessing where I shop.

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Yes? No?

My blog friend Blackbird mentioned in a recent post that she’d found some black leather mittens that she liked and which would really suit her needs this winter. They are only available in Europe, which will present some logistical challenges.

This post is for her.

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Three years old.

Today is Grace’s birthday.

She is 16, which seems like it’s been in the making for a while now, what with all the studying for her learner’s permit and practice drives, but no, it only just starts today.

When Grace was in preschool, her favorite color was yellow. She wanted to wear ALL the yellow, from head to toe, ALL the time.  She glowed. But it wasn’t just her golden sartorial splendor — her personality has always been sunny and bright. Continue reading

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The Reluctant Cook: Chicken Pot Pie

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Part of an occasional series about cooking for my family, even though I don’t like to cook.

In the past two years, chicken pot pies have become a dinner staple here in Jenworld. As with meatballs, pot pie is one of those meals that I thought was more complicated to make than it is. Once I had a good recipe and made it once, then I realized how silly I had been.

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