I just watched a video on Upworthy that I think is worth sharing:

A pole-dancing video so beautiful, my hair stood on end.

It might possibly be considered NSFW, but I didn’t see that at all.

What I did see is a group of strong, powerful, beautiful women express themselves beautifully.

I hope you enjoy.

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Manchego is my current favorite

Yahoo Images

Me to Pete this past weekend:

“I love cheese so. very. much. I could never go vegan. Like, if I had to do it because my life depended on it, I would seriously have a hard time deciding if life would be worth living.”

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Cookies. Dark chocolate cherry on the left and two chocolate sea salt caramel on the right.

We still have plenty of snow from Monday’s storm and it looks like we’ll be getting another 5-8″ tomorrow. Therefore, like every other person in my town, I’ll be heading out to run errands soon so that we don’t run out of essentials.

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Ah yes, that again

After a snow-free December, January, and half of February, we finally got some:

My backyard, looking lovely and not at all weedy, which is its usual state.

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Love ‘n’ romance ‘n’ stuff

Yes, yes, we all know what tomorrow is.

Personally, I don’t go in for all the Valentine’s Day stuff. Seriously, flowers and chocolates on a day when it’s expected just won’t cut it for me.

It’s the other 364 days of the year that count.

For example, I find the sound of my husband loading the dishwasher to be highly seductive.

Ditto him cleaning a bathroom or two.

Or folding laundry.

Wearing a kilt would do it for me too.

What about you? What does it for you?

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