My friends, I am going to take a break from this here blog. With the holidays upon us, a little time off is a good thing.

I will still be online:

Best wishes to everyone for the holiday season and the new year. I’ll see you in 2015.

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Martha’s Month: November

The Martha 'n' me. We've decided to dress all twinsies for the holidays.

My attempts to follow The Martha’s monthly calendar, with its “gentle reminders, helpful tips, and important dates.

The Martha’s calendar for November was surprising for me. I’m going to share a representative sampling of her activities, then tell you what I found to be unusual.

On Saturday the 1st, she planned to plant vegetables in her greenhouse. This does not surprise me. The Martha is always planting something. I, however, can assure you that I planted nothing on the 1st or any other day this month and not just because I don’t have any greenhouses.

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Every now and again, I’ll be flipping through a magazine or looking at an article online and I’ll see a photo like one of these:

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Bad pumpkin and thanks

The Martha and I would like to wish y'all great success in the kitchen today and tomorrow.

Here it is almost noon on the day before Thanksgiving and have I started baking yet? Oh no, I have not.

Instead, I’ve been sipping coffee and watching the snow fall outside. It’s utterly mesmerizing.

Last night as I was organizing myself for today’s baking extravaganzorgy, I pulled out a can of pumpkin from the pantry. I knew it had been in there a while, possibly as long as since last fall. I should mention that it is the only can of pumpkin in Jenworld right now.

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The Reluctant Cook: Thanksgiving Desserts

Yahoo Images

Part of an occasional series about cooking, even though I don’t like to cook.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Here are the four desserts I will be making for my extended family’s Thanksgiving feast, including my notes on how to make them gluten-free, as well as any other tips I’ve gleaned along the way. To keep things simple, I’ve found the recipes online and linked to them, rather than post the recipes all in one massive post.

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