Bad pumpkin and thanks

The Martha and I would like to wish y'all great success in the kitchen today and tomorrow.

Here it is almost noon on the day before Thanksgiving and have I started baking yet? Oh no, I have not.

Instead, I’ve been sipping coffee and watching the snow fall outside. It’s utterly mesmerizing.

Last night as I was organizing myself for today’s baking extravaganzorgy, I pulled out a can of pumpkin from the pantry. I knew it had been in there a while, possibly as long as since last fall. I should mention that it is the only can of pumpkin in Jenworld right now.

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The Reluctant Cook: Thanksgiving Desserts

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Part of an occasional series about cooking, even though I don’t like to cook.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Here are the four desserts I will be making for my extended family’s Thanksgiving feast, including my notes on how to make them gluten-free, as well as any other tips I’ve gleaned along the way. To keep things simple, I’ve found the recipes online and linked to them, rather than post the recipes all in one massive post.

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Fantasy Thanksgiving

I don’t know how this happened, but even though I have been thinking about Thanksgiving all month, it has only just occurred to me that it’s next week. As in, nine days from now.

Luckily, my extended family’s gathering is potluck, so I am only responsible for some of the vegetables and the desserts*.

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At the beginning of this month, I undertook another one of my periodic sugar fasts. I’ve done this several times over the years and each time I pretty much go through all the stages of grief:

1. Denial and isolation:  “I can stop whenever I want.” Followed by, “Everyone else is eating sugar, but not me. I’m all alooooooooone.”

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That way lies madness

This came in the mail less than 24 hours ago. I've already gone through it, made lists of ideas, and generally lost my damn mind.

I was wandering through the aisles of the craft store last week when I suddenly had the realization that perhaps I need my friends to stage an intervention.

How else to break the habit that had me in search of fake snow, certain kinds of holiday adornments, and the need to buy refills for my glue gun?

Because YES, the holidays are bearing down on us like a tank.

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