Martha’s Month: August


Oh, you know, just me and my BFF The Martha getting ready to get our spa on. (The unaltered version of this photo was found on Google Images.)

My attempts to follow The Martha’s monthly calendar, with its “gentle reminders, helpful tips, and important dates.”

Y’all, how it is September already? Wasn’t it just June?

Not that I’m complaining. After a relatively mild summer here in Virginia — during which we had very few 90+ degree days and no 100+ degree days, which is so rare as to be noteworthy — all of a sudden Mother Nature is messing with us and giving us temps in the mid-90s. This does not please me at all.

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Around here

Pumpkins seen at Kroger this week. TOO EARLY.

I am so delighted that it’s Friday AND that we have the three day weekend before us. DEE. LIE. TED.

The girls have been back in school for a little over a week now. Things seem to be going well. Homework has begun and extracurricular life is starting to ramp up.

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Yahoo Images

Do you sew?

I do. Kind of, sort of.

I can do easy things, like sew a seam or mend a tear — both by hand and using a machine. That said, if the Singer is involved with my project, you can expect that there will be much cursing, some huffy breaths, and the likelihood I’ll stomp off in a fit of pique.

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Jen’s faves: the body edition

Instead of listing the things that I’m happy with this month, I thought I’d talk about the one thing that I’ve had my whole life that I am grateful for. And that is, of course, my body.

I take my body for granted. I imagine that most of us do. But the fact is that the body is an amazing machine. It carries on dozens (hundreds?) of processes every day — many of them simultaneously.

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Saddle up

Courtesy of Google Images.

In yet another instance of me stumbling across weird and random crapola online, I present to you the Daddy Saddle.

I just




You know what, I really don’t even know what to say about this. My brain is totally locked and cannot form thoughts.

What say you?


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