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I recently realized that we sure do have an awful lot of coffee accessories in our house.

To start with, there are the delivery vehicles for our caffeine needs — we have a Keurig (and multiple reusable pods for the coffee), a coffee maker, and then a large old fashioned percolator. The Keurig makes one cup at a time and is what I use on weekday mornings. The coffee maker is for weekends and makes around four cups. And the percolator makes 10-12 cups and is for larger gatherings.

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A prayer

I am sure that most of you are familiar with Tina Fey’s essay “A Mother’s Prayer for her Daughter” from her book Bossypants.

I have had Tina’s words on my mind lately and thought I’d share her wisdom here in case anyone else — male or female — is in the throes of parenting one or more juveniles of any age and gender.

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Stuff up in the air

This could be me, except that my real actual juggling balls would be down on the ground.

This is the time of year when it seems as though I’m working hard to keep all the balls up in the air.

There’s stuff for work, stuff for both girls (which is current stuff and future stuff, which is a lot of stuff), stuff around the house, stuff related to our upcoming trip, and plenty of other stuff.

All those balls, up in the air. It’s a good thing these are metaphorical balls or else I’d currently be in the hospital with a mega-concussion from getting hit on the head by falling balls.

Beyond that, there’s a lot going on my mind and I feel like my thoughts are aloft and floating out of my head. All those thoughts are up in the air, trying not to be battered by the balls that are up there. Really, it’s just kind of messy and chaotic up there.

What’s going on in your world? Any balls in the air or wayward thoughts?

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Wonderfully inefficient

Both my Google and paper calendars are color-coded for each person in my house.

Happy Monday and happy almost-spring*, y’all. Four more days until the equinox.

(*Unless, that is, you live south of the equator, then I say to you happy almost-fall, y’all.)

How was everyone’s weekend?

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In that split second

There's no way I'm going to use a photo of a house fire for this post, so here, enjoy this darling cottage and garden. (Yahoo Images)

Someone asked me yesterday if there was a fire in my house, what three things I would grab on my way out the door.

My response was immediate, “My husband and daughters.”

The other person responded, “Well, besides them, what things would you grab?”

Me, “I’d probably grab my purse on the way out, but otherwise, my only focus would be my family. They’re not things but they’re the only things in my house that are not replaceable.”

The two other people who were a part of this conversation went on and on about how they’d grab their photos, particularly the old ones of their grandparents and so forth.

I said, “You know you can scan your old photos and save them online, right?”

What about you? If there was a fire in your house, what would you grab (if anything) in that split second before you raced outside and called 911?

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