One of the things San Diego is well known for is its zoo. We visited nine years ago when we were last here, but OF COURSEwe had to go again. Three of the four peeps in Jenworld LOVE animals. Love. Them. The fourth? Well, I’m not all that into them (the animals) (my peeps, however, I adore), but there are some I don’t mind trekking to see, plus a zoo is a great way to log a lot of steps. Believe me, I know this, given the number of zoos and other animal experiences my family has had over the years. So. The zoo. It is, in short, world class. Truly excellent. We went yesterday (Monday) and saw all the usual things that you might imagine we saw, but a couple of things bear mentioning: #1 Koalas THIS. Some of you might, just might, be aware that koalas are the Jenworld Official Animal. Even I am enamored by them. My family is keenly aware of the locations of all koalas in the U.S. and we have been known to make lengthy driving detours in order to see them. Naturally, this area was where we headed first after arriving at the zoon. #2 A practically newborn giraffe THIS TOO. This little guy is one week old. He was 6’2″ tall and weighed 133 pounds. I happily watched him for a while, because he was utterly irresistible. There were, of course, lots of other animals, including pandas. Alas, we did not see the pandas, as there was a lengthy line that we didn’t feel like dealing with. Plus, we can always see pandas at the DC zoo. After our day at the zoo, we went back to the apartment and collapsed from exhaustion. After a bit, I went out again to meet a friend for dinner. Dinner was great — interesting conversation with someone I’ve long wanted to meet in real life, good food, and afterward, a walk along the beach. The sunset was stunning (see above) and then I got to see something that for a non-native Californian, was something of a cultural phenomenon — a beach bonfire:

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8 Responses to Animals

  1. I am a zoo goer too. Thankfully my husband understands this and my need to go squeal over all the cute animals. Have a great trip!

  2. And oh my god!!!! This post from your Australian trip where you got to HOLD a koala!!!! I would have died. Simply dropped over from happiness and died. (well, hopefully not…but…koalas!!!)

  3. badnessjones says:

    Squee!!! We’re headed to the San Diego zoo in a month or so, and the kids are DYING to see their first koalas!! They’ve already allotted some of their spending money to buying koala stuffies while we’re there (please, please tell me the zoo gift shop has those?) . So glad your vacay is off to a great start!

  4. You are gettin’ to all the hotspots!

  5. Smalltown Me says:

    I am a sucker for a baby giraffe.

  6. I think my sons are actually baby giraffes. The stats are amazingly similar.

    And lucky you, meeting up with other bloggers!

  7. Patience says:

    I’ve heard that the San Diego zoo is the ultimate of zoos. How cool to see a baby giraffe!

    I didn’t know a beach bonfire was a California thing. We often had beach bonfires in Vermont and New York when I was growing up.

  8. The arthritis in my left big toe was not delighted the next day with the walking in deep sand, but the rest of me was thinking of how much fun I had and how I can’t wait for you to show me your beautiful neck of the woods.

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