The Left Coast

Hello from California, where we Jenworld folks have temporarily relocated for a couple of weeks.

While we’ve flown through LAX in recent years, we haven’t spent any actual quality time in California in almost a decade, so we were overdue.

On Friday we flew from DC to L.A. I could tell you tales of woe of flying into LAX, of the chaos at the rental car place, and of the insane traffic we encountered at 11:30 p.m., but I won’t. Let’s instead focus on the pretty and the sunny and the pleasant, okay?

We stayed in a hotel south of L.A. on Friday night and when we awoke on Saturday and were somewhat sentient, we got into the car and headed south toward San Diego.

After approximately eleventy hours stuck in traffic, we got off the highway to have lunch and to look at the ocean.

We rented an apartment¬† through Airbnb. I need to write a post about Airbnb, because we’ve found some terrific accomodations that way. For this part of our trip, we’re in a sweet little garage apartment in an older neighborhood with beautiful homes, local shops, yummy food trucks, and more.

On Sunday, we drove over to Coronado, which we did not get a chance to see when we were last in San Diego. The town of Coronado is lovely and very pedestrian friendly. I would have loved to explore for hours.

Point Loma in the distance. This was the landing place for the first European exploration of California.

There is some debate as to whether Coronado is an island or a peninsula. If you read the Wikipedia link above, you can see the arguments about sand spits and whether they qualify as actual land or not. No matter what, Coronado feels like an island — just minutes from the city of San Diego, but with a totally different vibe.

I’ve long wanted to see the Hotel del Coronado, which has always been stuck in my imagination as a place full of magic and beauty and glamour.

Just pretend that you're hanging out with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis.

As with so many famous landmarks, the hotel was filled with tourists and gawkers, but it was still fun to walk around a bit.

After leaving Coronado, we drove up to Point Loma to catch the views. There’s a military base up there, along with a lovely military cemetery, plus Cabrillo National Monument, which we did not see, due to the long line to get into the park and a lack of time.

From this spot, we were looking south toward Coronado. While the southern part of the island/not island is lush and green and lovely, the northern part (what you see in the photo) is brown and barren and also a Navy base.

After our explorations, we went to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with friends. We had a terrific evening with good food, much laughter, and some pool time for the teens. We came back to our apartment happy and tired.

Happy Monday. (It is Monday, right?)

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6 Responses to The Left Coast

  1. Fun! And beautiful photos! You have explored San Diego in ways that certain residents who shall remain nameless have not.

  2. Molly Fulton says:

    And Coronado also has the distinction of being my (quite unlikely) birthplace. I am sooo East Coast, but I would love to visit some day. Thanks for the photos!

  3. bdaiss says:

    I spent a few glorious days on Coronado for an NPS conference. Would love to go back. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here pouting that you didn’t come to visit me. ;)

  4. Smalltown Me says:

    Nice! I did a San Diego trip a few years ago and stayed at the Del. It was lovely.

  5. Are you going to visit any blogging friends?
    I haven’t been to SD in approximately 4o years. My nephew, however, was based on a ship in Coronado.

  6. blackbird says:

    I’m always happy to read about my favorite travelers traveling!

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