Spring Break 2014: Diamond Head

Diamond Head. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

I meant to post last night, but Pete whipped up some sort of beverage that included fresh pineapple juice and rum and well… I realized that perhaps I had no business near a computer, lest I embarrass myself or my family online.

Anyway, on Sunday, we woke up early, thanks to a tiny bit of lingering jet lag, ate hearty breakfasts, laced up, and headed off for a big walk.

We’re staying just off of Waikiki Beach, which is on the eastern end of Honolulu. Diamond Head — the volcanic crater that is used in so many Hawaii tourism photos — is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. We had heard that it was an amazing hike with stunning views from the top. We intended to find out for ourselves.

Diamond Head, as seen from our condo.

Since we were so close, we decided to just walk. I mean, it’s right there, so how far could it be? Based on the maps, we thought it was about a mile. Since we all can easily do six or seven miles with no problem, we decided to leave the car behind and travel solely by foot

So we geared up for our outing and headed forth.  By the time we got to the crater, we realized that it was farther than we had thought — research that night led to the conclusion that it was 2.5 miles each way.

No matter, it was a beautiful day and three-quarters of the residents of Jenworld were excited about the impending hike.

For some reason, I had imagined that we would hike to the trailhead and then climb the exterior of the crater. Instead, when we got to the crater, we went through it to the interior.

We emerged blinking into the sunlight on the other side and found ourselves in a huge crater. Here’s a photo I took of it later from the top. You can see the tunnel exit at the far end.

The hike itself was about a mile up, mostly on a rocky path, with lots of switchbacks, some dark narrow tunnels, and three very steep staircases near the top.

Once at the top, the views are worth the sweat, heaving lungs, shaking quads, and muttered profanities.

After admiring the views, we headed back down, where we rewarded ourselves with a shave ice.

If you’re going to hike Diamond Head, be advised that you’ll mostly be in full-on sun and that it will be hot. Pack a hat, sunblock, and plenty of water, as well as bring a flashlight for the tunnels. Wear good hiking shoes.

There were some fools who wore flip flips and other ridiculous shoes, including this woman who hiked in a black silky jumpsuit and platform sandals with panty hose:

I have no idea how some of the people I saw managed to not fall and/or break an ankle.

When we got back to the condo, I looked at Map My Run and realized that we’d walked 7.5-8 miles. We ate lunch and rested a bit, then walked over to Waikiki to do some people watching.

Waikiki. And oh look, there's Diamond Head in the distance.

Surfboard lockers.

And now I need to finish this, as it’s already mid-morning and we’re headed off for another adventure.



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7 Responses to Spring Break 2014: Diamond Head

  1. Little Miss Sunshine State says:


  2. Whoa.
    And DAY-UM!
    What an adventure!
    I confess, I am a little sad not to get to read rum-induced blogging.

  3. Trying really hard not to be jealous!!

  4. You deserved that pineapple-rum drink last night!
    Those are some fabulous views. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. PS: Coconut shave ice is da bomb.

  6. Kris says:

    You HAVE to go to Haunama Bay. It is absolutely amazing. It was my favorite part of Hawaii (well, my second favorite – touring BYU Hawaii was my VERY favorite. ) Are you going to the Polynesian Cultural Center? It is also awesome.

    I just loved Oahu so much. We went for our honeymoon. Kind of – my entire family went, and as a wedding present my mom paid for our flights. So it wasn’t a real honeymoon because we were in a shared condo sleeping on a futon. And we didn’t get to do much exploring because we had no money and my parents rented one car and that was it. But we still had a great time. And someday I want to live in Hawaii.

    I love the pineapple. I love the macadamia nuts. I love the weather and how beautiful it is there and Lilo and Stitch and the ocean and. Just have a fantastic time, otay?

  7. bdaiss says:

    What a perfectly lovely day.

    It’s amazing the things folks wear while interacting with nature. I’ve seen many an outfit I just shake my head over…then wait for the radio call to the Rangers when the same poor fool twists an ankle/passes out from heat stroke/does something else totally insane.

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