Spring Break 2014: Aloha

Seen in the Honolulu Airport.


Greetings from Honolulu, where we are kicking off Spring Break 2014.

We flew in last night and, in spite of the 21-ish hours we spent in airports and on planes, all it took was one good night’s sleep to kick any exhaustion and jet lag that might attempt to slow us down.

Whenever we travel, we have certain habits and rituals that help us get acclimated — we hunt and gather for food and we also go on walkabout to see what’s around us.

So the first order of business this morning was to walk to the beach, which is just a few minutes away and just a half smidge from Waikiki:

The sand here is a golden color and very coarse:

After our walking explorations, we took to the car to commence hunting and gathering of food. For us, exploring local food options is part of how we travel.

We drove up and over the mountains north of Honolulu and, in spite of the rain, everything was beautiful.

Call us crazy, but we decided to brave one of Oahu’s two Whole Foods on a Saturday afternoon. Some of our purchases included local beer, local chocolate, and local produce. In just one day, we’ve eaten the best damn bananas and pineapple we’ve ever had.

By the time we had successfully gathered groceries, the rain had stopped and the clouds started to blow away.

We kept driving and stopping to look at the view. Everything was stunningly gorgeous.

By the time we got back to the South Shore, the sun was OUT:

So now we’re back at our temporary home. The groceries have been put away until it’s time to make dinner. Our view is of the mountains to the north, where Mother Nature has been entertaining us.

And to think that five days ago we were wearing heavy coats and snow boots.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Hawaii’s geography:

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11 Responses to Spring Break 2014: Aloha

  1. Catherine says:

    Looks awesome!!
    I love Hawaii, sun, sand, surf.. and heaps of awesome culture. -Check out this blog (It’s a foodie blog) http://www.thecatdish.com/ – Cat is a local Hawaiian (can’t remember which part of Hawaii sorry) but she writes about heaps of awesome places to eat all over the Hawaiian Island… so you should still find something there if you need great meal ideas!
    21 hours of flying!! That’s insane…. you’re over half way to NZ (I may have just googled that…) so why not just hop on a plane when you guys are done there, and you can all come for another little vacation in NZ! :)
    Have a great time!

    • Jen says:


      It was 21 hours of travel, but that included a lot of time at airports. Originally, we were supposed to have a direct flight from DC to Honolulu — 11 hours — but when we got to Dulles Airport, we discovered that our flight had been cancelled. The airline put us on a flight to LA, with a layover, and then a second flight from LAX to Honolulu. We were happy that the flight situation was quickly and easily fixed, but not so happy with the three extra hours we had to wait at Dulles for our first flight and the three hours spent at LAX, which added six hours of travel to our day.

      And YES we do want to come back to New Zealand!

      • Catherine says:

        Ahhh the fun times of air travel.
        Well, I suppose despite all of that, at least now you’re on a tropical (is it considered tropical?) island….
        YES, do come back to NZ!!

  2. blackbird says:

    I love your travel posts!
    Carry on and report back.

  3. badnessjones says:

    It looks fabulous, I wish I were there! I love what you said about the bananas. A girlfriend and I went to Jamaica almost 20 years ago, and when we were out exploring a man picked us bananas growing in the forest beside the road, and I have never tasted a banana like that, but I would pay Whole Foods prices again and again if I could. Have a wonderful trip.

  4. Patience says:

    It looks awesome! My sister spent a year at the University of Hawaii, but we never made it down to visit her. Have fun!

  5. Sue Treiber says:

    I am so jealous!!! I want to go to there more than anything.

  6. bdaiss says:

    Have an umbrella drink or three for me!

  7. What a great trip you are having! Thanks for let us live vicariously.

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