Date night, part 2

Remember last summer when I told you about my prospective date with Barack Oboyfriend? Well, another opportunity has presented itself in the form of a fundraiser that George Clooney is hosting at his place on May 10.

While most attendees — high falutin’ Hollywood types and other bigwigs – will be paying $35,000+ to attend, two spots have been reserved for just me regular folks like us. All you have to do is click here. While a small donation is appreciated, you don’t have to give anything to enter.

Naturally, I threw some of my money at Barack Oboyfriend 73 times because I love him and want him to use the money to buy me a corsage for our date.

Oh wait, campaign funds cannot be used for romantic purposes. Just ask John Edwards. Okay fine. I don’t need gifts from my Oboyfriend. That’s why I have my Ohusband. Or maybe Oclooney will get me something sparkly. I’ve heard he knows how to shop for women.

Anyway, I am SO ready for this date. Because I know that Oboyfriend himself will draw my name and then call me to tell me the good news.

I should probably start shoe shopping now. And also getting Pete Ohusband ready for the ordeal of wearing long pants instead of his 24/7/365 shorts.

Jen and Pete take Hollywood. Heaven help those poor people.

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8 Responses to Date night, part 2

  1. I got my invite last night from an organization that I support. Unfortunately I had to RSVP my regrets because I have a previous engagement in Massachusetts. I’ll be preparing a clambake feast for my family for Mother’s Day.

  2. Really–you’d bring PETE?

  3. bdaiss says:

    When I win, I promise I’ll take you as my date. No OHusbands allowed. : )

  4. Cassi Renee says:

    I think you should take me, not Pete. I’ll return the favor if I’m chosen –promise!.

  5. mrs. g. says:

    Fingers crossed!

  6. bunny says:

    What a tasty looking sandwich! ;)

  7. Well, I hope you win! :)

    I also hope to be adopted by LMSS…

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