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jen on the edge - pretty green dressI don’t watch reality TV, but I understand the following two points are true about all reality shows:

  1. There are shows where experts will tell you what to wear or what not to wear. I believe that one of them is called What Not to Wear or something like that.
  2. All reality shows are actually somewhat scripted and that there’s no real spontaneity.

These are true facts, yes?

Today we’re going to have a real life version of one of those fashion reality shows, in that we are going to give advice to a real person (someone I know in real life) with a real budget and who is going to a real event.

My friend Aimee emailed me a link to the dress pictured above and asked me what she should wear with it. The event is an outdoor evening wedding. The questions are:

  1. What shoes? My friend was thinking perhaps wedge heels, because she’ll be walking on grass. She likes these black patent cuties, but not the price tag that goes with them.
  2. What jewelry? Pearls? Metal (she prefers silver)? Something beaded? Something delicate or something bold?
  3. What else? What kind of purse should she carry and what if she needs something to keep her warm if the evening turns cool? (Besides the arms of her big handsome husband, that is.)

So this is the Jen on the Edge version of reality TV. It’s totally unscripted and as real as it gets. Please weigh in with your opinions and feel free to include links to suggestions.

(Note that my spam filter might initially freak out over the links, so if you don’t see your comment initially, just let me know you left one and I’ll dive into the spam pile and find it.)



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21 Responses to Real reality

  1. bunny says:

    I think black might be too severe with the delicateness of this dress. Maybe a nude or metallic (silver) shoe instead?? The idea of a wedge is good, but again, I would be concerned about the weight of the shoe vs. the delicateness.

    While I usually vote in favor of a necklace when one is wearing a top/dress that show much neckline, there is so much going on around the neck of this dress with the ruffles (which I like!) that I might eschew a necklace and wear a delicate dangle pair of earring like this pair, which are silver and pearl:

    Small clutch to coordinate with shoes, pashmina in black or a complimentary color (dark pink/plum/purple?) for shoulders

  2. Becky says:

    I vote clutch for a bag and a nice wrap in case of chill. As for shoes and jewelry, I am a flats and pearls girl, although I’ve been known to lose my shoes at many a good wedding.

  3. Andrea says:

    First of all, let me say I love, love, love the dress. I would wear a small, delicate necklace (simple silver chain with a small pendant) and similar delicate earrings (I do like the ones bunny linked to) with it. Maybe even a bracelet. I like the idea of a metallic shoe (wedge or sandal), a clutch, and a wrap for a chilly evening, in black, deep purple, or another complementary color.

  4. I am so in love with that dress. My daughter has a similar one in purple.

    If I wore that dress to a semi-casual outdoor wedding I’d find some cute strappy shoes in a neutral color, carry a small clutch, skip the necklace and do something beaded for a bracelet and earrings.

  5. Pashmina for if it gets cool.

    The big takeaways from What Not to Wear (I love that show) are that you should wear clothes that fit and that are age appropriate.

  6. Angie says:

    Cute dress. Silver shoes, no necklace, nice earrings, bangles on the wrist.

  7. Patience says:

    It’s a cute dress. If I were her, I’d experiment with different shoe colors and not commit to black. Maybe bring the dress to a shoe store? I agree with the other commenters that a neutral shoe might be the way to go. A long expanse of bare arm is practically crying out for a bracelet.

    Amazon sells tons of low-priced little evening bags.

  8. bdaiss says:

    I’ll agree with others – neutral shoes (espadrill-ish?, wedge for sure). I think black would be too “heavy”. No necklace or very minimal necklace, simple earings, and a great bracelet or two. I’m not a clutch girl (I’d lose it in t-10 seconds flat), but simple and small…or make your hubby carry your ID/lipgloss in his jacket pockets. Definitely a fun wrap. A fun silver wrap or maybe a yellow ombre one? (They have some awesome ones at the Tar-zhay right now for about $14.) Caveat – I am not a fashionista, YMMV.

    Thought – troll pinterest for green outfits and take inspiration from there. I bet you’d even find this dress pinned somewhere.

  9. Jenn3128 says:

    I’d wear these shoes with that dress. No necklace at all, even something dainty would get lost in all those ruffles. I’d go with some silver cuffs on my wrists, different widths, like this:$(KGrHqUOKiEE30O70qqIBOCmum)1Pw~~0_3.JPG

    I hope your friend will share a pic of what she finally decides to wear!

  10. My daughter and I decided (separately, and before reading the comments) what would go with this [adorable] dress and came up with essentially the same suggestions. Lillian thought a springy print or bright color pashmina; I thought black or pale, depending on her skin tone…) Definitely nude shoes! I think Aimee has her answer.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Green and black are a bold statement. Shoes are fab, a matching clutch bag, black pearl earrings and necklace, maybe a black fascinatorand a pashmina would be WOW! However a less bold statement would be to go delicate and filagree silver jewllery and sandals. Great dress whatever. I wore one that colour many many years ago with black patent shoes and a white/pale green jade necklace.

  12. historygirlie says:

    Silver shoes, with delicate silver jewelry. I would do a dangle earring, espeically if her hair is being worn up, and many delicate silver bangles or silver cuff on one wrist. Maybe a fancy cocktail ring. If she feels a necklace must be worn, a small silver chain. I’d carry a silver clutch purse (no handles or straps….clutch! the straps would be too fussy with the ruffles on the dress) and a black pashmina. Tar-zhay are also selling little black bolero sweaters if she’s not a fan of a pashmina.

    All links from Target for easy shopping! :)

    where is the dress from? I love it!!!!

  13. Aimee says:

    Thank you ladies all so much. I will take a picture if the dress is as cute as it is online, looks as great on me as I hope it does and with the final choices.

    I love the idea of purple with this. I never thought of it – but it’s brilliant. Let me see what I can come up with.

  14. bunny says:

    I *LOVE* deep plummy pink/purple with green!

    Also, I agree with the poster that, unless you have short hair, wear the hair up to show off the neckline on that dress. :)

  15. Kat says:

    Well, I am no fashion expert but I do have a lot of opinions. ;)
    I would go with a pearl necklace, a choker so that it doesn’t distract from the pretty neckline of the dress, since it is an evening wedding. Pearls always dress up an outfit (not that I wear them a whole lot, but I think they are underrated today).
    Shoes are tougher. I always love heals (especially for a dressy event) but if it is on grass that makes it a tad more difficult. Maybe some fancy ballet flats? And a nice clutch too! :)

  16. mrs. g. says:

    I am hopeless at fashion advice, but I have two requests:

    1) Show us thfinished product of what she decides (the items)

    2) Make this is regular feature so those of us without the “eye” could learn from a non-model, suburbany beauty like yourself…I want fashion advice from someone not in the industry.

  17. nancy logan says:

    Aimee, I would suggest pearls, or small silver pendant or nothing as ruffle may be enough. Stick with strappy, dressy small wedge in sand or metallic, lighter shoes give the leg a longer look as they extend the line from leg to shoe. Go for bright purse of solid color or a small clutch. wear or carry large scarf for wrap for outdoor wear in silky fabric, colors of purple and greens would be great. Your friend will be the hit of the day. show those bright colors with a bright smile. nancy Logan

  18. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    I’m thinking metallic shoes, some vintage costume jewelry to add bling up top and a wrap to take the edge off dropping temps after the sun goes down.

  19. Aimee says:

    Just an update ~
    Good news: The dress fits like a glove. I LOVE it. It looks great on. The ‘v neck’ is low enough to be sexy but high enough that the hubs will not be scared of me flashing the goods.

    Bad-ish News: The color is more of a Green Bay Packer, bright kelly green, than the emerald jewel toned, Glenda the Good Witch, Scarlet O’Hara, green I was expecting from the picture.

    Either way, I’m keeping it and can’t wait to dance and have fun with my girl friends and our husbands welcoming our friend into the land of the wives. Pictures to follow in about a month! Thanks, ladies!

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