Jen on the Edge - rainbow glass chokerSome of you liked the necklace that I was wearing in the photo in Friday’s post and wanted to know where I found it. It’s one of my favorites because it’s so bright and cheery and matches most of my wardrobe.

When possible, I try to buy my goodies from friends like Lori or Clare or from Etsy merchants, because I like to support small businesses. But I will also admit to adoring much of what comes from Ten Thousand Villages (a Fair Trade retailer), World Market, and of course sweet vintage goodies (like my great-grandmother’s costume jewelry, including the necklace seen here).

Oh wait, and my Wilma pearls are still going strong, so we have to include Old Navy as a purveyor of fine bling. Lord have mercy, when I dropped a tenner and two ones on those genuine resin faux pearls, I had no idea that I’d wear them at least twice a week for a year (and counting) and that I’d get compliments about them almost every single time — women love them, even the ones who should know the difference between real and obviously fake, and both straight and gay men do too. I once got three snaps in a Z formation from a guy slinging coffee at a local shop who loved my Wilma pearls so. very. much. It was a great moment.

Anyway, getting back to the rainbow glass necklace I mentioned in the beginning of this long-winded post — because it is so easy for me to get sidetracked by my favorite accessories — I bought it for something like $12 at World Market three years ago. Alas, it is long since gone from the stores and I even checked eBay for others, with no luck.

Since it’s not possible for you to find the same World Market necklace anymore, I hit Etsy to find some alternates. Some are the same overall look and color scheme, while some are variations on the theme. I had a LOT of fun poking around and had to kept reminding myself that I’m shopping for you, not myself, so I couldn’t buy anything. A martyr, that’s what I am.

$20. To buy, click here.

$30. To buy, click here.

 $68. To buy, click here.

$23.50. To buy, click here.

$65. To buy, click here.

$58. To buy, click here.

$25. To buy, click here.

$45. To buy, click here.

$19.50. To buy, click here.

$48. To buy, click here. Actually, the whole shop is gorgeous.

As I’m going through this post again, I’m drooling over these lovelies. If you buy something, please tell me. I want to know that everything is going to a good home and I’m probably going to want to see photos. (But don’t let that be a dealbreaker, ‘kay?)

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7 Responses to Choker

  1. Lisa says:

    Love the last one, it looks like gumballs! It’s just very fun.

  2. Julie says:

    I think I adore all of them, except maybe one or two…but alas, I do not wear necklaces any longer. I find the sensation of something around my neck gives me, umm, I can’t explain it…even if the necklace is long enough so as not to give me the feeling of a choker type necklace, I still avoid wearing necklaces!? the last time I enjoyed wearing a necklace of any type, was before kids. Then, like most moms, when you are “wearing” your infant you stopped wearing necklaces for a time. Then, you had the next kid, and on and on. Toddlerhood on the horizon, so any necklace was in danger of being yanked. Earrings for a time too (oh the thought of having a pierced earring yanked–possibly ripping an earlobe!).
    I think if I really was honest, it’s the fact that my neck is butt ugly in this age–wrinkly, slightly sagging. To put something beautiful around it would maybe distract from that fact, but when I see photos of myself I usually edit the wrinkly neck turkey-type folds….I think the women of France have it right with all those scarves they wear!
    Long winded (as usual) myself, but I do love all of the above necklaces. They resemble your’s pretty closely Jen! If I had to choose one, say someone was gifting me, I’d choose the last one, the gumball one….oh wait, I forgot to add, that if I ever go back to wearing turtlenecks (past 2 yrs I’ve been TOO hot!) I think the longer necklaces that I own, would also make a comeback on my bod!

  3. Cassi Renee says:

    We had a World Market out here in midwest-boringville for a while, and I loved shopping there, even though I feel a little bit guilty because the people making their stuff are likely not making a fair wage –but, I still loved shopping there. I have some fun things that I bought there, including earrings, a scarf, and a charm hanging from my car’s rear-view mirror. Alas, the population here is such that they closed.

    I have to wear a lanyard at work (the key-card opens my office and classroom doors), so I rarely wear necklaces. However, I have really enjoyed the beading challenge of making fun lanyards to go with my various wardrobe colors.

  4. Love all the pretties. I can’t wear chockers, but I love the trend of using ribbons and other hardware that allow different lengths.

  5. Strictly Jen says:

    I’ve been wearing my wilma pearls today! What a co-incidence!

  6. Of the necklaces above (I can’t wear chokers … maybe when I lose 55 more pounds), I would choose the Multi Color Crocheted Wire Necklace or the Multi-color 3 Strand Beaded Statement Necklace (I have enough beads in my supplies that I could probably make one like this for myself… but it is tempting to just buy it).

    There are a couple of fair trade places here in town and a wonderful fair trade market in the fall. I bought a beautiful necklace last year that was made in the Burmese tradition of a groom giving these to his bride. Someone else got to the beautiful dark red beaded necklace (multiple threads, each strung with tiny beads, then twisted together) but I got the green one, which I will be sure to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

  7. I like the idea of all that color at one’s neck. You’ve got me convinced to look for one now.

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