Diamond Jubilee

In honor of International Women’s Day, today we’re going to talk about a woman who is one of the most famous women in the world, if not the most famous. And, as it happens, she is my favorite reigning British monarch.

I am talking, of course, about Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, a.k.a. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Give it up for the Big E.

2012 is a big year for the Queen, as she is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee all year long. It’s been 60 years since she ascended the throne. Oh where has the time gone? It’s just flown by.

I’m kidding. It feels like Queen Elizabeth II has been around forever and, in fact, she pretty much has. I thought she was the longest-ruling monarch in British history until I found out that she still needs to kick Queen Victoria’s butt in this well-shod footrace. If she just hangs in there another three and a half years, however, she’s got it in the bag. (Remember this tidbit for later.)

Jen on the Edge -- Queen Elizabeth by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz's gorgeous photo of the Queen.

I’ve been interested in the Diamond Jubilee festivities for months, but for some reason, it didn’t occur to me until yesterday to investigate the commemorative souvenir options. After all, if Mother England was going to produce all sorts of tchotchkes and unmentionables for a mere royal wedding last year, surely they were going to seriously bring it for a monarch who’s been steadfastly doing her thing for six decades.

HM Queen Elizabeth wearing Swarovski crystal-encrusted 3D glasses.

And doing it with style, I might add.

So if you feel like picking up a few Diamond Jubilee souvenirs, I encourage you to check out some of these goodies at the official website:

I have to say, the Jubilee website displays so much more humor than the wedding one did last year.

(Also, I really need that checklist shopping bag.)

So I know this post isn’t in the true spirit of International Women’s Day, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge my royal gal Elizabeth’s contribution to world history for so many years now (and counting!).

And you’d better believe I’ll be watching the pageant on June 3.

(Seriously. Gonna get me that bag.)

Who else is as into all this as I am?

Photo credits: Yahoo Images.


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8 Responses to Diamond Jubilee

  1. Smalltown Me says:

    Maybe not quite so much as you (ha ha), but I do adore the British royal family. I am just about to read the new biography of the Queen, by Sally Bedell Smith. And I am jonesing for the William and Katherine barbies but I am on a strict spending diet right now.

  2. zeghsy says:

    Ooh, I want that bag too! Congrats your Highness. Here’s to you kicking Victoria’s bottom.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love your writing style! I’m a new follower! And let me just say AMEN! on the bag…do they have a fanny pack? :)

  4. Glad I have you to keep me up to date – I have not paid any attention to this event.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    All well anfd good but surely you should be buying your Party items from Kate Middletons family ;-) http://www.partypieces.co.uk/special-occasions/jubilee-celebrations.html

    I love the fact you love the Queen, she is unique. here in England we may gripe about lots of things but we also have an interesting heritage which makes up for a lot.


  6. Considering she was never supposed to be on the throne in the first place (I’m looking at you, Uncle David!) and the fact that she would have been happier hanging out with her horses, dogs, and her own family in privacy, I have to admire that she has carried herself well and made friends with a strong sense of duty.
    Marion Crawford’s “The Little Princesses” is a great read, even if she did get into major trouble with the royals for publishing it.

  7. She is awesome. The history she has guided her country through–and I still remember touring the castle hall where she and her sister rolled back the rugs to play indoor tennis…
    That checklist bag is RIGHTEOUS.

  8. Jenny says:

    I’m afraid I lose all my dignity when it comes to Anglophilia. Must be all those historical novels I read. That portrait is amazing; it looks like all those 18th century paintings hanging in museums.
    You have 2 daughters and I think you should shoot for 2 shopping bags. Start hinting now and leaving little notices strategically around your house. They’re bright girls and they’ll pick up on the atmosphere.

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