There it is

I didn’t watch the Oscars last night…

… but apparently, it was important for the entire world to know that Angelina’s right leg was in attendance last night.

In other news, my second husband was also at the Oscars last night:

I’ll forgive him this infidelity because let’s face it, kissing an Oscar winner is a major life event. If I’d been there, I’d have probably lost my head and planted a big wet one on Meryl too.

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11 Responses to There it is

  1. Harumph. He might be your second husband, but he’s MY escort to the Oscars;)

  2. Heath says:

    HAHA! You crack me up. That was a weird pose. I’m wondering if she did that all night because her dress would have looked frumpy if she didn’t “strike a pose” But hey, at least we know she doesn’t have scales all over her legs….er leg.

    I did think it was sweet that they brought his parents along to the event.

    If ANYONE is an exception, it would be Meryl. Justsayin. ;-)

  3. I din’t watch either, but from what I’ve heard, I hope the designer donated 10 grand to UNICEF for every leg shot Angelina gave the cameras.

  4. I watched but becaue I made a resolution not to be involved in gossip I will not comment further on the women IN the dresses. The show was pretty good – some nice moments – no big ones, really.

    Much easier to watch from this coast. It was over shortly after 8pm.

  5. I was all set to watch and then my husband put in an old film on DVD. And by old, I mean 1943 (“Heaven Can Wait”). I probably should have vetoed his selection and taken over the television. Oh, well — at least I kept up with comments on facebook and twitter during the movie!

    I have no qualms about a dress with a slit, but I didn’t realize one should prop the slit open with leg at all times.

  6. I just watched snippets. Meryl Streep’s speech was the best thing I saw.

  7. Kim Kasch says:

    I wouldn’t have even known the Oscars were on…

  8. bdaiss says:

    Okay, now that I watched the lovely show…My favorite part was the folks who won the award she was presenting and the one guy who was imitating her.

    Also, huge slits and the “stick-your-leg-out-syndrome” seem to abound on red carpet events lately. Drives me bonkers. I know there’s a slit there. We see it when you walk. STOP STICKING YOUR LEG OUT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON! As for Angie…she looked happy for once and that brought this whole look up 1000 notches.

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