Nooked, part 2

A year ago this week, I got a Nook. I wasn’t sure if I’d really use it as much as I could, so I got a basic black and white one without any bells and whistles.

As it turns out, I have loved my Nook and use it all the time. (I totally kick ass and take names on Sudoku.) I still read paper books and my library card is just as active as ever, but that Nook is just so darn convenient. I can stick it in my purse and have all sorts of entertainment handy when I’m at the Jenworld monthly rendezvous at the orthodontist’s office (I really should have my own coffee mug in the staff kitchen, yo) or anywhere else I’ll be sitting around killing time.

And traveling with the Nook has been great. Rather than lug along tons of books when we went to England and France last year during spring break and then Canada in August, I had the Nook, its charger, and an international voltage converter. I even loaded on some guidebooks too. People, that extra space in my luggage enabled me to bring back a metric ton of British and French chocolate last year.

We always travel with lots of books — it sure would sucketh mightily to be on an airplane for eight hours and not have enough entertainment — and the girls’ books can easily add 10-20 pounds to our luggage because they burn through so many. Because of how great the Nook has been for me, Pete and I have been talking about getting more for the rest of the family, especially as we contemplate an epic vacation this coming summer. (More on that in a future post.)

Barnes & Noble sent me some great coupons in the mail and via email, so yesterday I finally took the plunge and got myself a Nook Color. The girls will use my basic Nook and I’ll eventually get another one for them (just waiting for another coupon). They have iPod Touches, so they don’t really need an e-reader with all the bells and whistles. I’ve already downloaded the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, as well as Agatha Christie for my young Nancy Drews.

I am already totally in love with my Nook Color and played with it for hours last night. I loaded on various apps, including mahjong (remember when that game used to be standard on computers but now you never see it), a German language app (gonna brush up on my Deutsch, ja), some free travel guides, and more. So. Much. Fun.

[Although, between the Nook and my brand new not-yet-killed-via-sweat phone and their slick touch screens, I keep getting mixed up and trying to use my laptop's screen as a touch screen too, so that's going to take some getting used to.]

The one thing I haven’t done yet is get any magazine or newspaper subscriptions for the Nook. On the one hand, I’d would love to cut down on the paper coming into the Jenworld mailbox. On the other hand, it would cost us a little more to get the digital subscriptions vs. the paper ones. But, since my research has shown that e-readers have an environmental edge over paper books and periodicals, I’m willing to spend a little more if it’s better environmentally. I’m just not sure how it would feel to go through a smaller digital version of a magazine, rather than thumbing through the paper version and pulling put pages that I want to save.

I’m curious, how many of you have e-readers and what are you loading onto them, in terms of books, periodicals, and other apps?


Disclaimer: I am not employed by Barnes & Noble, nor was I asked to review the Nook. Photo credit: Yahoo Images.
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23 Responses to Nooked, part 2

  1. Cassi Renee says:

    Several years ago Rob got me a Kindle for Christmas. I wasn’t sure I wanted it, but I’m now on my second Kindle (after the first one had a fatal fall). I really love the Kindle because it’s not back-lit. My eyes are getting old, and they tire quickly from reading small print, or reading on a lit computer screen. So for reading books, the Kindle is fabulous. I got a cover that has a built in light, powered by the Kindle itself, so I can read it anywhere. While I still love the idea of paper books, I find I don’t really buy them anymore.

    Next up for us is buying an iPad. For magazines, which are just better in color, and for working and some games, I think that’ll be a lot of fun. A Kindle Fire is an option too, but I’m not sure how locked in I want to be to Amazon.

  2. Maura says:

    I have a Kindle, similarly I didn’t think I’be into an eReader so one night in a fit of insomnia I stole my husbands and since he wanted his back Santa brought me one for Christmas. What I particularly love is when I fall asleep reading I don’t have to search and search for my page the next night!

  3. My mom loves her kindle and I’m planning to get a Fire as a graduation gift to myself in August.

    How to translate the magazine “keepers”? Can you get Pinterest on your Nook? If so, just pin the articles you want to keep. It’ll keep them sorted and searchable — way better than you could ever do with print versions.

  4. Patience says:

    I’ve resisted getting one. I just don’t want another thing I have to take care of, you know? But I can see the advantage of having one for travel, or for reference materials.

  5. Not Beehive says:

    I don’t have one. I thought about it, but I’m too cheap to buy books and most of what I want to read isn’t available free. I even checked the local library database and from what I can see (please correct me if I’m wrong) there is only ONE digital copy available for most books and they all have multiple “holds.”

    I think if I were going to get one I’d probably get a Kindle because I have a feeling B+N is going to be bankrupt in a few years.

  6. Sharyn says:

    I have a kindle. I also have a Droid phone that uses the kindle app. I really like reading on the kindle, but I don’t like the ebooks for cookbooks and reference materials. I use my kindle at home and will use my phone for those minutes when I’m out at the doctor’s office etc. I do find that the ebook has reduced my book clutter (and on a confessional note- it keeps “secret” the other books I buy. No, not THAT kind of book. Just the quantity of books I purchase.)

    I haven’t tried any magazines or newspapers on my ereader. I also listen to audiobooks on my ipod when I’m working around the house. And my library card does get a good workout too.

  7. KMay says:

    I have a Nook Color, and I really do like it a lot. However, hubby’s gadget lust means that I now find myself in possession of my very own Blackberry Playbook. Which not only has PDF reading capability, but also the kindle app and the overdrive app (which reminds me, I should be to the top of the list for some library e-books soon…). I should see if there’s a Nook app as well.

    I actually haven’t had much time to read non school material lately anyway, and have a small stack of trade papers to get through when I do. So far I’ve used the gadgets for e-books and PDFs. It came in really handy last semester for a code manual that way. I don’t know if I would do an e-periodical much for the same reason that I don’t usually buy paper magazines – too many ads!

  8. Andrea says:

    Jim and I each have Kindles (the original) and iPads, and the girls each have a Kindle Fire. The girls use theirs all the time. Jim and I use our iPads all the time, and I still use my Kindle for books because I prefer it for long reading due to the lack of backlighting.

  9. Karen says:

    My oldest, who teaches high school English, “broke down” and asked for a Kindle for Christmas. She LOVES it. And as I too travel with many books I’ve been thinking….

  10. Becky says:

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and while I like it, it’s not replacing real books or newspapers, especially my cookbooks. There are certain books I simply can’t read (anything by David Foster Wallace) on it, but overall I do like it. I like that I can borrow e-books from the library too and that when they are due, they just disappear. I’m going to save a small fortune on late fees that way!

  11. SnipeWife says:

    DH bought me the Kindle with the QWERTY for Christmas in 2010. I love it. Love it! He bought himself the FIRE this past Christmas. He thought for sure I’d want it. I really don’t. I’m a technology purist of sorts–I want my toaster to only toast and not have a coffee making feature. I’m the same about my phone though I do take the occasional photo and I do have music on it (DH loaded it, not me). The FIRE makes sense for him at sea… he doesn’t want a smart phone either and he doesn’t take a lap top any more. This is a great solution. We are definitely looking into Kindles for the girls but we definitely need to use the library borrowing feature more. (Okay, we need to use it period… I have tried it yet but them the majority of my stored books were free or under $2.00.) We do not have any subscriptions as of yet.

  12. Aimee says:

    Damn, now you have me researching Kindles vs Nooks again. I really really want the Nook tablet.

  13. jen_alluisi says:

    I have a Nook Color and love it as well. My preference for it over the Kindle is that a) you can read books in EPUB format on the Nook but not the Kindle, and b) if you ever needed a truly insane number of books stored on the actual device, the Nook has expandable memory via an SD card (and Kindle does not). I have read several books from the library on it (and yes, Not Beehive, you do usually have to wait for them – just like many other popular paper books in the library) and I got a metric ton of B&N gift cards for Xmas, so I can pretty much buy whatever I want for the next year.

    One word about the e-ink vs. backlit screen – it’s true that the backlit screen is a bit harder on the eyes. BUT. I have set my Nook’s reading preferences to show text in white on a charcoal gray background, and I find that really, really helps with the eye strain. I can read for far longer than way than the traditional black-on-white. Also, the LCD screens eat through battery much faster, but you can save your battery if you turn off your wireless connection when you’re not using it – that wi-fi connection uses rather a lot of battery power!

  14. Smalltown Me says:

    I have the first gen kindle (which is not acting properly right now) and I have Kindle apps on my iPhone and iPad which I use ALL the time.

    But I still read actual books, too! Most from the library.

    I agree with Not Beehive — the library selection of e-books is pretty limited with one e-copy with multiple holds. I have tried a few — I prefer to get them as pdfs thru Adobe Overdrive on my iPad because there is a bigger selection than for Kindle. Also the Kindle library books get mixed in with the regular ones which is confusing for me. (But again, that was using the iPad app and not an actual functional newer Kindle.)

  15. I thought I would get magazines on my Nook color but I balked when I saw they cost as much, if not more, than paper copies. So far I have not missed having paper magazines and I look at some online. You can do a trial of a magazine on the Nook, but it involves subscribing and then canceling, which I am not interested in dealing with right now.

    I have to say that (blush) I have Angry Birds which I play at work. I need to be able to be very lightly involved in things in order to keep my primary focus on what’s going on around me, answering phones and interacting with people – I can’t do that and play any engrossing games (I tried Scrabble and Words with Friends – not good for work.)

    I haven’t felt the need to add music but I like that I could use Pandora while I am reading in a place other than work. Right now most of my reading time is at work, though!

    I love the idea of loading guides, etc. before a trip. I hope to need that option one of these years!

  16. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Tom’s idea, because I don’t have (or want) a smart phone and by bedtime my hands are so achy I can’t hold a book. I am really enjoying it.

    I can’t seem to use it in the car…because it’s backlit?
    I have downloaded about 20 books, play Word Feud and Words With Friends, play Quadris, occasionally check facebook, pulse (a lot of lead stories from magazines, newspapers, and other news sources. I also have a few Pandora radio stations and a few iHeart Radio stations.

  17. Jana says:

    I love love love love my nook color! I have almost 300 books on it and love that you can add more with a SD card. I also like that I can play Pandora on it!

  18. MIME says:

    I read the daily newspaper on the kindle – I’m actually starting to like it in the e-format. I haven’t subscribed to any magazines yet because I still have the paper-subscriptions. (Also, I’m starting to lose interest in magazines in general…)

  19. I’m curious – do you find it harder on your eyes to read on the color Nook (with the backlit screen) than on the E-ink Nook? I’ve found that when I read on my IPod Touch, it’s not relaxing. But on my basic Nook, without the backlighting, it feels like I’m reading a book. Do you notice any difference?

    • I don’t know yet. I haven’t spent that much time on the new Nook, so I think I can answer this better after I’ve gotten really into a good book and spent much of a Sunday afternoon camped out on the living room sofa nose-deep in a good work of fiction. :-)

    • jen_alluisi says:

      From my comment above on this very matter: One word about the e-ink vs. backlit screen – it’s true that the backlit screen is a bit harder on the eyes. BUT. I have set my Nook’s reading preferences to show text in white on a charcoal gray background, and I find that really, really helps with the eye strain. I can read for far longer than way than the traditional black-on-white.

  20. Sindi says:

    I have a kindle app on my iphone. I love it. Recently, my public library has been able to lend some of their books on kindle format, so I can get a free book put onto my iphone without even leaving my house!

    I still subscribe to the paper version of the Washington Post because the comics are not the same electronically.

    And I have a big battery that I can plug into my iphone if it runs out of juice and it’s inconvenient to recharge it then and there.

    When on long airplane rides, I always pack a small paperback into my carry-on bag just in case.

  21. Aunt Snow says:

    I’ve always felt a little Luddite about real books, but my husband and I are planning some traveling this summer, and I realize we always cram our luggage with books. This trip we’ll be taking trains to several destinations, and I’m determined not to get weighed down. My husband has an iPad we’ll be taking and I’m urging him to buy his travel books in e-versions.

    Are there apps for Iphones that can download ebooks?

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