I love long weekends

Happy Presidents’ Day to you all! (Two presidents — Washington and Lincoln — means that it’s a plural apostrophe, yo.)

We here in Jenworld are delighted that we finally got our first real snowfall yesterday. The girls already have today off from school, so no snow days have been used up. I call that one a win.

The winner of the Scrapbook of Secrets giveaway is Angie of Home Grown. Congrats Angie!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a story and photos about my Saturday adventures revisiting the 1980s.

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2 Responses to I love long weekends

  1. Jenn3128 says:


    Some of us don’t have the luxury of a long weekend and would have enjoyed being entertained while at work today…

  2. Karen says:

    Hmm…No day off over here. What gives? :)

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