Uh oh

I was minding my own business yesterday afternoon when I got the following text:

[unfamiliar number]: “did you do your HIV draw today?”

I read it, confused. I’m not scheduled for an HIV test. In fact, I’ve never had one and can’t think of why I would need one.

I tried to figure out who the sender could be. It’s not a number I have in my contacts and, at the time, I didn’t even know where it was coming from, although I’ve looked online and found out that my unidentified texter is from Waco, TX.

I responded:

Me: “???”

A few minutes later:

Unfamiliar, but obviously very concerned Texan: “disregaurd till you get back”

Disregard? Hell no. I need to know more! I texted back:

Me: “Um… who is this?”

Almost immediately, I got this:

Texan: “Oh man sorry wrong number”

A wrong number? I mean, DUH, but still. What happens next? I have so many questions! Was this a one-time fling who didn’t use protection? Was it a concerned friend/relative who needed to know that the recipient was taking care of his/her health after being exposed in some way? Now I’m concerned and want to know that the person who was supposed to receive the original text is okay.

What do you think is the story here?

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16 Responses to Uh oh

  1. Wow, drama!!!!

    I had to get an HIV test once for some job…come to think of it, I cannot for the life of me remember which one, but it was kind of weird.

  2. Raine says:

    Man! I want to know the story too. maybe the guy is just an hiv test advocate?

  3. That is totally bizarre. Your guess is as good as mine. I would put it down to a friend, except for the comment “Unfamiliar but concerned” – unfamiliar? Then how does he know?

  4. Nic says:

    I guess p*rn star – regular HIV tests, in which case the term ‘draw’ would chime more real as it sounds ‘familiar’ to me in process terms. So p*rn star A texts p*rn star B but instead of B’s number taps in your number. Perhaps A has HIV and is concerned about spread so contacting B. Or perhaps A is the ‘boss’ person in charge of occupational health and is following up on a recalcitrant star who won’t go for testing.

  5. alison says:

    At midnight on New Year’s Eve, just after the demise of the dishwasher, I texted ‘Happy New Year, Becs’, to Becca, a friend in St. Catharines. An hour later I got back a text that said, ‘Don’t know who you are, or Becs, but Happy New Year anyway.’ Apparently I don’t have Becca’s number correct in my cell phone contacts list.

    It’s a mystery for sure. You do ‘meet’ the oddest people. I think HIV texter is right up there with naked guy.

  6. Karen says:

    We did have to get tested for HIV a number of years ago. It was either health or life insurance, can’t remember. Too bad there isn’t auto-correct for phone numbers!

  7. My bet is on an insurance policy. Mr. D and I both had to do HIV testing for our policies. I felt oddly relieved to know I was HIV negative.

  8. Julie says:

    I had to have 3, yes THREE yikes, that sent before I was done, but I had 3 HIV tests in one years time, because I had 3 dirty needle sticks while working in 3 different hospitals….I was not happy. Pissed, beyond description. The wait (back then, it was 2 weeks) was a torture that I cannot describe with mere words. All 3 of the sticks were from patients who had had blood products, so it was a real toss-up as to whether the roulette wheel was going to land on my number. Just getting that many in a years time made me laugh, well not back then, but now.

  9. That would be both unsettling and intriguing to receive! I had an HIV test when I was first pregnant in 1987. Guess they don’t do that anymore?

  10. Aunt Snow says:

    That would be very unsettling – but I’m glad to hear from other commenters that it can be for pretty benign reasons, too.

  11. Cassi Renee says:

    This reminds me of a message we once got on our answering machine. In a real midwestern farmer’s drawl, this guy said “This is is Jim from Oberweiss. You’re cow, Caroline . . . she passed.” This message made us laugh so hard, that we kept it on the machine for over a year, just so we could hear it again.

    We always wondered if the cow had passed a test, or just passed.

  12. Violet says:

    I can’t get past the second text. “Disregaurd [sic] til you get back”?? Shyeah, as if!!

  13. I know of some younger people that dated for a little while but didn’t have sex until their tests for STD’s were negative. They trusted each other but not necessarily people they had previously dated.

  14. I got a text the other day from someone whose Dad was (apparently) being a complete dick.

  15. We used to get phone calls –collect phone calls– from someone in prison who only spoke Spanish. We’d hear him in the background: “Mama? Mama?” while we told the operator that no, we would not accept the charges and call.

    Just glad it wasn’t an HIV test!
    Although the cow comment from Cassi Renee cracked me up!

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