One Month: February

Part of a recurring series on setting mini goals each month…

Jeez Louise, it’s February 1st? Where the heck did January go?! It’s time for our monthly check in to see how we all did on our January goals and to set some new ones for this month.

Last month my goals were:

  1. To lose 2-6 pounds by cutting back on habitual snacking. I just barely lost 2 pounds because I didn’t do a great job with cutting out snacking. Luckily, I ran over 70 miles and walked over 36, so putting 100+ miles on my sneakers helped but I could have done better.
  2. To cut back on spending after the excesses of Christmas. I was more successful with this one.

This month, I’m keeping my goals simple:

  1. Work even harder on the late-night snacking and finally just conquer that beast.
  2. As a result of kicking #1 in the ass, lose a little more weight. (Again, putting no pressure on myself by specifying a number and instead just focus on healthy eating habits.)
  3. Try to do one proper push-up. While I have great lower body strength and moderate abdominal strength, my arms are weak. I’ve been doing the girly bent-knee push-ups for a couple of years, but I cannot do a single straight-leg one. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks, but so far, no dice.

I was going to set the goal of finally running five miles in under 60:00, but I smashed that one yesterday with a time of 59:31. Next up: Breaking 55:00.

What about everyone else? How did you do on your January goals and who has some for February?

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16 Responses to One Month: February

  1. Aimee says:

    Goals for January:
    1. Be more self centered.
    2. Focus on my health.

    OK, so I ate more salads with less salad dressing, I ate mostly only whole wheat carbs when I, and I exercised 3 days a week. #2 is looking good.
    Being more self-centered is still a little hard – I’m still a mom, but I’m making progress.

    February Goals:
    Wait, this is a blog post. I can’t write the whole gd thing on your page! :)

  2. SnipeWife says:

    My trainer had me do girlie push ups for at least a year. One thing he did was put boards under my chest as the goal to reach. I think 3 boards was about the height of a say a boot box. Now I’m on 2 boards and that is barely the height of a shoe box. The boards are what my chest–not my stomach–have to hit and then I push up. This helped so much with doing man push ups. Also, if your wrists hurt you can use square dumbbells and push up–it changes the position of your hands/wrists but doesn’t change the form of the push up. YOU CAN DO IT! For me, the weather is so pretty I get to run today! I’m so excited! I posted my one-month too. 2 for 3 for Janaury.

  3. Andrea says:

    I did very well on one goal and so-so on the other, but ended strong. February’s one-month will be posted tomorrow.

  4. Becky says:

    January’s Goals – to throw two good birthday parties and somehow still fit in my skinny jeans while doing it.

    Hit the first one with major success, the second one? Hmm. Technically, they go on, but I’m busting out. It’s not a good look.

    February’s goals – To end the two cupcake/slice of cake a day habit and to fit into my skinny jeans.

  5. Jenn3128 says:

    I think I was still hung over for the Jan. goal post, I’m sure I had goals and I’m sure I didn’t achieve any of them.

    Goals for Feb:
    1) Keep my body moving, even if it’s only little stuff like walking, just something everyday.
    2) Write more.
    3) Get my itunes account back up & running

  6. Patience says:

    I believe my goal was to go through every drawer, cupboard, shelf, under-bed-space, etc in my house and get rid of crap. I really only have time to do this on the weekends, and I have gotten through more than half of my whole house so far. I tossed and donated a ton of stuff, have created a space to store my gift-wrapping supplies, consolidated all our board games and puzzles onto a single shelf, recycled tons of papers I don’t need anymore and donated three bags of books to Friends of the Library. For Februray, I’ll do the kitchen, dining room, sun room, study, and downstairs bath. The front porch and back deck probably won’t get cleaned until March.

  7. Cassi Renee says:

    Well, I had to go back and look at the goals I posted, so that tells you how well I have been focusing on them.

    My first January goal was to use my bike once the new console arrived. Well, halfway through January it arrived, I hooked it up, and the stupid thing beeped the same way the old one did. I finally got the problem solved last Sunday, and then came down with the stomach flu on Monday.

    My second goal was to eat healthier dinners, and I have actually done this one. Not each and every dinner, but I’m definitely doing better than I was last semester.

    For February: same goals as January, once this stomach bug has finally exited me.

  8. Kris says:

    My goals for February. Exercise 22 days (not in a row, just 22 days period) and stop spending so much freaking money. Heh.

  9. At the beginning of January, I noticed a few pounds had crept back. By then end of January, they had snuck in a few of their friends. SO….. February is going to be all about busting up the pound party. My husband is calling it “Five Pound February.” What he doesn’t realize is that first I have to kick out the 5 that found their way back before I can lose an additional 5 pounds.
    And really, if I can do all of the above, that is HUGE. I’m still achy from Shingles but made myself do yoga and swimming this week — and I’m paying for it today.

    BTW, yoga is awesome for working your way to pushups. Core muscles are the secret. Do lots of planks and you’ll get there.

  10. Kath says:

    Good work on the goals!! You can do that push-up – just go halfway down the first time.

  11. One push-up at a time. Seriously.
    I did okay at my goals, quite pleased I made it to the roller derby and a high school play. Did not meet writing goals, however.

  12. My goals are up on my site, so I won’t bore you with reiterating them here. However, I have the same issue with consuming so much of my calorie load late in the day. It’s the only time I have to myself where I can relax and eating is unfortunately a part of that ritual. One thing that’s helped me is to eat a “slow carb” (e.g., most vegetables, berries, etc.) before I dig into a “fast carb” (e.g., something sugary, processed starches, etc.) and a glass of non-caffeinated something. It fills the space first and, when I do reach for the cookie or chocolate, I can enjoy the taste of what I’m eating and not try to fill myself up with the calorie-dense snack. In other words, I can manage to eat one cookie – not six.

    So far, so good. I’m already one pound away from my end-of-February target weight. And, most importantly, I’m feeling better and not deprived.

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