Then and now

I found this online yesterday and it’s worth sharing:

I’m not saying that the women in the top row aren’t beautiful too. Rather, beauty doesn’t come in just one size or in one look. Beauty is large and small and in between. It’s short and tall and in between. It’s all body types. It’s all hair colors, all skin colors, and all eye colors. It’s all ages.

Don’t ever let Hollywood or magazines tell you what’s beautiful because they don’t know anymore what truly beautiful women look like.

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10 Responses to Then and now

  1. I was on the Marilyn side of things when I was 18 and walking around campus with my roommate who looked like a Barbie – I swear – two football players were walking toward us. She was really mad when they walked by and we overheard them talking about which of us they would take to bed. She was really put out that I was the one they thought would be better. (Also she knew I was a virgin and she wan’t!) Most men have never bought into the skinny is hotter thing.

  2. bdaiss says:

    Plus model magazine did a recent spread called “What’s Wrong With Our Bodies Anyway?” The statistics they provide are unreal. (So is the fact that a “Plus” model is typically a size 8…) Anywho…here’s a link to the photos:
    Likely not work appropriate as they are au natural, but when you have a chance look at the first photo on slide 3 (won’t let me direct link). That my friends is scary. We as women must stand up and put a stop to the glorification of toothpicks. It’s not healthy for anybody.

    Also – my comment on this photo when a friend posted it was along the lines of “Ask any man – they never stopped preferring the bottom row. Don’t let the media fool you.”

  3. Sarah says:

    How very true! I think every tween & teen girl in the country needs to see that. Right now I’m trying to teach Kiernan if she likes something it doesn’t matter if her friends do or not (she got a fabulous hat at Old Navy & a boy teased her). Its so hard to teach them to be happy and healthy within their own bodies and beliefs.

  4. Kim Kasch says:

    So true. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  5. Susan says:

    Jenn, I have honestly gotten to the point that I think women who go around like that–very skinny etc.–really look bad…
    It is unappealing to me for someone to look emaciated.
    I mean some are just naturally thin–{but not many} :)
    I like having meat on my bones!

  6. The models I see these days make me think they are an inch from starvation. Literally.

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