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You know, it has been a helluva a long time since I blogged about Chico’s — the World’s Official Purveyor of All Things Bedazzled, Bright, and Blingy. In fact, it has been almost three years since I last looked into Chico’s and their kaleidoscope-hued offerings. I apologize for this lapse in blogging and will try not to fail y’all so miserably in the future.

(I still have the one black coat and the one black top that I bought three years ago, although the coat is getting close to being too large and will hopefully be donated by next spring.)

Last week I read a blog post that mentioned that Diane Keaton is going to be the new face for Chico’s. I got a little worried because I had no idea that Diane had gone over to the dark side of bedazzling, but the photos reassured me that it’s actually the other way around — Chico’s has finally switched from Evil to Good:

See? Not a hint of glitter or a sequin in sight. I’d totally wear this stuff.

(Not that sequins are bad per se, but Chico’s seems to take a more is more approach to their clothing.)

So I have to give Chico’s some snaps for improving on things a bit.

That said, I’m taking issue with the photos of Diane. Is it me or does it look like they went a little crazy with the Photoshop? Here’s what she looks like close up:

See? The lovely Diane has laugh lines and other signs of a life well lived on her beautiful face, yet it appears that they’ve been erased in the Chico’s photos. It also looks like they might have trimmed up her already trim body. I’m not 100% positive about this, but it seems likely. This is a woman who briefly appeared nude in a movie when she was in her late 50s. If she’s bold enough to flaunt her stuff at an age when most actresses are not bold enough, then I think Chico’s should leave off the Photoshop and just show real women what a real woman looks like.

What do you think? Has Diane been digitally tweaked? And what do you think of the clothes? Cost aside, would you wear them? Anyone here a Chico’s shopper?

Disclaimer: I am not employed by Chico’s, I was not asked to write about them, nor was I compensated in any way. Photo credits: All from Chico’s, except for the last one, which is from Yahoo Images.


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10 Responses to Not bedazzled

  1. I’ve never shopped at Chico’s.

    I don’t think there is a single magazine or catalog that doesn’t photoshop. That’s why 50 yr old women get depressed that they have lines and wrinkles and saggy body parts. I tried reading More Magazine, but 40+ yr old women that are made to look 35 doesn’t appeal to me. I want a magazine for older women that has REAL women.

  2. I want those gloves. And if I could look as good in that dress as she does, I would take it as well.

  3. Andrea says:

    I am not a Chico’s shopper, but I am digging the red coat above. As for the Photoshopping, it does look like they went a little crazy with it and unnecessarily so. Diane is beautiful, without any corrections. I agree, let’s let women see that it is beautiful to leave signs of maturity alone.

  4. ssheers says:

    I am a Chico’s shopper, and I like Dianne Keaton, so it’s all good.

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin says:

    oooh–I would TOTALLY wear those clothes! FINALLY Chico’s is starting to get it–we don’t want to dress like our grandmothers with spangles and sparkles and retirement community colors.
    Yeah, poor gal has been photoshopped to look 30 years younger. Shame.

  6. I never realized that about Chicos. They don’t do it to all their clothes – I got my mom to start shopping there a few years ago because she really needed to add some fun and function to her older lady style. I have a few things from there as well.

  7. Cassi Renee says:

    While Diane Keaton looks great (but photo-shopped), the clothes are still way too bedazzled for me. Shiny silver cropped jackets, and fur-embellished shear ponchos? Definitely not my style, even for a nice evening out. I think if a person dressed like that in this area of the midwest, they’d feel constantly over-dressed.

  8. EVERYONE gets photoshopped in ads and magazines. EVERYONE. Except for Jamie Lee Curtis, when she agreed to do a cover ONLY if they did not retouch any of the photos. I never thought there would be something to love about paparazzi pics, but there you go.

  9. Jenny says:

    Not a Chico’s shopper, but if I saw that coat in a thrift store I’d jump on it.

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