Those of you follow me on Facebook know that last night I was musing about boots. Specifically, this kind:

I know, I know, it’s not preppy but who cares when you can be this awesome:

I’ve wanted a pair of cowgirl boots for almost 20 years, but have never quite pulled the trigger, so to speak. So I put it to my Facebook posse last night to see if I’ve waited too long. You know, mutton dressed as lamb and all that.

According to my gals, um NO, I have not missed the boat (chuck wagon?) on these. In fact, I’ve been encouraged to get some ASAP. I know this will surprise you, but I’m leaning toward black boots.

(And for those of you keeping track, no, Pete has not bought a motorcycle yet.)

One of my friends told me to forget black and instead go with something bold. So, just for kicks (ha!), I clicked over to Zappos to see what they have in the way of cowgirl chic in bold colors.

Are these bold enough for you:

They’re insanely expensive, but we’re just dreaming, right?

How about these:

Go big or go home, I say.

Or how about these:

In spite of the fact that I wear so much black, this is actually my favorite color:

These are for any U.T. (Texas or Tennessee) fans reading this:

I guess they’d also work for UVA, Princeton, and Clemson fans too. Given how much black I wear, I’m thinking that orange boots paired with my usual black outfits would be a bit too Halloween-ish.

What about y’all? Who wears cowgirl/cowboy boots? What color? If you don’t have some, but are drooling over these photos, which ones make your heart go pitter-pat?

Between yesterday’s post on Airstreams and today’s post on boots, y’all are probably thinking I’ve lost my mind or that I’m looking to escape Jenworld. Nope. Things are good here. I have tomatoes in the garden, we’re still enjoying the summer, and I just started a fun new needlepoint project. Really, life is good. It’s just fun to break out of one’s skin every now and then, even if it’s just in a blog post.

But I do think I need to get me some boots…

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20 Responses to Cowgirl

  1. set2music says:

    Do it! Just don’t do that trend I’ve seen lately of sundresses and cowboy boots…it weirds me out a little…

  2. Strictly Jen says:

    How did I miss this on FB? I say go for it!

  3. You know which ones I’d pick…

  4. Jenn3128 says:

    I love boots. I have yet to own a pair though, maybe one day. Of course it doesn’t help that the boots I want are way out of my price range. I tend to lean more towards cowgirls boots that don’t look like traditional cowgirl boots, at least not to me…

    I’ve never tried these on, but I do wonder if they’ll come up to my knees…On a good day I claim to be 5′ tall.

  5. Molly says:

    Cowboy boots are the best and can be worn with anything (even sundresses-but maybe not running gear). If you can’t buy them in Texas,you should go to Boot ‘Vil – it adds so much to the legend and lore of a good pair of boots.

  6. I had a pair of cowboy boots -red- my favorite color. They were pre-babies, though and afterwards when my feet grew a size I couldn’t wear them anymore. I kept them though and my oldest daughter wore them until her feet grew too big. I kept them though, they are still in my closet. I am not sure that I’ll buy another pair, but I just can’t let go of the ones I have!

    Go for your favorite color.

  7. writer says:

    my sister just got married and all the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots! It was great fun. Go for it.

    As for needlepoint! We should talk.

  8. Ashley says:

    I love the red & turquoise ones. I want some all-red cowboy boots! And I like sundresses & boots…I like just about everything with boots.

  9. My daughter’s friend put a pair on for her wedding reception! So cute with her wedding dress!
    The cake table had a pair of cowgirl boots with flowers in them.

    I think I would get them in brown. I haven’t looked at prices but every now and then the Western wear place nearby has a 50% off sale. Our friend paid almost $1000 for his, but I think they were custom made.

  10. Cassandra says:

    I have pink ones and brown ones. I love wearing my pink ones with my duller colors (black, brown, denim) and my brown ones with my more loud outifts (green, floral, red)… go bold or go home i say!!!

  11. Lacey Bean says:

    I have family in Arizona, and when I was younger we went to visit one time, and I got the sweetest pair of pink cowGIRL boots (I refused to call them cowboy boots.) I was in love with those things. And had a matching pink cowGIRL hat.

    I wish I still had them. Not that either would fit, but oh man they were cute!

  12. historygirlie says:

    I have a pair of black cowboy boots and I adore them. I wear them all winter…when it’s not too slippery outside. They make a great combo with jeans and a sweater, and the heel is enough to make you feel slightly dressy…or at least better than flats. Go for it! it’s fun to climb out of the box sometimes.

  13. julie says:

    I bought the Frye Harness 8R W ones, from zappos. No link to post, sorry, but they are there! in tan leather. They are shorties, so my big fat calf doesn’t protest (like when I tried on a pair of regular Hunter wellies–had to get the “Huntress” style for fat calves!).

    I do love them, they are not a light tan, but rather, a darkish, brown color–for practical reasons. Not trendy at all, but I have ALWAYS wanted cowboy boots. Or, cowgirl boots? I love the Ariat brand also–have had many pair of clogs and closed toe clogs from that brand. They wear really well, so I’m thinking their boots would too?

  14. I’ve always wanted a pair of red cowgirl boots. I might still buy them someday.

  15. Kim Kasch says:

    The black were my fav, next the tan, the others were just a little too bold for this filly ;)

  16. Renee says:

    At 5’10″, I always go for flats, but for you . . . I really love the blue ones –and I think they’d look good with black. The leopard skin was my second favorite, but they wouldn’t be quite as versatile?

  17. Mrs. G. says:

    Do not buy the boots or Pete will buy the motorcycle the day after. I know of what I speak. I like the second pair best but I’m not sure I would have the nerve to wear them…but I would admire anyone who did!

  18. mjohnston says:

    I’ve always owned at least one pair cowboy boots. Currently an old pair of faded brown kangaroo leather (yes they are buttery soft and total awesomeness) that feel like I am wearing slippers. And the brown goes with anything. Best to get pair you can try on and return if don’t like. The comfort factor in good cowboy boots is never discussed much. If they are thick and stiff you just aren’t gonna wear em much. Spend the extra money and get a great quality leather that is SOFT.

  19. melissawest says:

    Get the red and kick some ass! Yee-haw!
    I actually own a pair of black boots, got them in college and they made me look FIERCE.

  20. lisa binkley says:

    I have over 20 pairs of cowboy boots and wear them year round. There is just something special about em. Go for it.

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