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Have you ever had one of those days when you pretty much hit the ground running and don’t stop until bedtime? Oh yeah, I think we all have those days.

Today, I gave my family the luxury of sleeping in an extra 30 minutes, so it was almost dawn when we got out of bed. This extra 30 minutes meant that I needed to drive the girls to school, but that was always part of the plan anyway.

During our seven minute drive, the girls and I got pumped for the day with this song:

After that, I zipped up the road to the Tarzhay and was there when they opened the doors at 8:00.

[Why yes, my children do have to be at school at the butt crack of dawn. It will be even worse next year when Graceful goes to the middle school. If someone can explain this bit of horrid scheduling, please fill me in. At this point, my family is eagerly anticipating the start of high school, when we won't have to see the number 6 at the start of our wake-up times. Of course, by that time, we'll all be totally rewired to get up at the ass end of morning and it will take us years to be able to sleep in again.]

Whilst at the Tarzhay, I stocked up on sodas for the resident of Jenworld who apparently wants to make me a widow when he dies from cancer, stroke, and a heart attack all at the same time due to his three-a-morning habit.  Then again, that caffeine infusion is necessary for a non-morning person — see godawful wake up time, above.

Also at Target, I stocked up on unmentionables for myself, since my skivvies keep disappearing as if they were single serving bags of M&Ms at a Weight Watchers meeting. Seriously, I have no idea where they’re going, but they’re certainly not where they’re supposed to be.

As I was walking out of Target, I passed the in-store Starbucks and decided to buy a mocha. This was not quite the impulse decision you’re probably thinking it is. Since giving up mochas on January 1, I have not missed them once, but I wanted to test my taste buds to see if I still love them or if those too are another treat that is ruined for me. It turns out that mochas are nowhere nearly as yummy as I remembered them, so I think I’ve broken the addiction. I had a few sips, then poured out the rest. (So Pete, when you see the bottle in the recycling bin, don’t think I’m hiding anything from anyone.)

After that, I headed back down the road, this time listening to Muse:

Why yes, today’s music choices are much improved over the Bee Gees I served up to you earlier in the week.

More errands, more errands, blah blah blah, and then my final task before returning to Jenworld was to stop by the pool/fitness center to get a pass. If I can’t run and also need to cut back on walking, I need to get exercise somewhere. If I remind him, Pete will get Bubbles spring-ready for me this weekend, but I’m waiting to see next week’s long-term forecast to see what the temperatures will be. I don’t like to be cold when I ride.  But, I like more variety than just biking.  The Wii Fit and I are in the midst of a spat that might lead to divorce, so swimming and the elliptical are my next options — hence the new activity center pass. I’ve never tried the elliptical, but enough of you recommend it that I’m going to give it a go. Expect to get a report in a few weeks. I could also take some yoga classes, which some of you also suggested, but I’ve tried yoga and it was so Village of Yawn that I nearly fell asleep.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going to be doing an Eat Pray Love type of journey in which I end up at Buddhist retreat attempting to meditate in between doing downward dog.

It’s almost noon now and I’m just now posting. That would be due to some freelance work I needed to finish, followed by the pressing need to check Facebook, email some friends, and generally procrastinate. Some days are just like that.

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0 Responses to Stream of consciousness

  1. paperdiva says:

    You’ve gotten more accomplished in your morning than I will all day. You morning people!!
    Who is stealing your underpants?

  2. Julie says:

    eww to the bottled frapp/mocha from Sbucks . . . I tried one ONCE, and that was enough for me! Huzzah to throwing out the nasty . . . I have turned a corner on the fivebucks habit myself—I have always been (always will be) an espresso drinker, so unless I can’t get myself to wash out my espresso/moka pot in the a.m., it’s only espresso con panna (3 shots) at Sbucks for me from here on out–their coffee is bleh, and I’m just not into the up and outta here routine any longer since my youngest is now driving himself. How’s that for a nice long run-on sentence? ;)

  3. Jen says:

    And have you listened to any Jonathan Coulton yet?

  4. Bdaiss says:

    Yea for accomplishments! I made it into Vegas before the sun was even up. Who booked the 8 am flight?!?! Oh wait…

    I’d comment on the school start time, but decided to just say consider yourselves lucky that you don’t both have jobs you need to be at before 8 am.

  5. alison says:

    Village of Yawn!!!!!! :)

    Also, what particular death beverage is it that Pete likes, I’ll need to get some in the house for August.

    Also, how is it I haven’t heard of Muse before now.

    If my skivvies were disappearing, I’d blame the cats, but you don’t have any. Was that coyote you saw in the back yard the other day holding anything in its mouth?

  6. My husband has the same addiction in addition to lots of coffee and tobacco! Sometimes feel like I should not be buying this stuff for him…

    My undies stick around but they are falling to bits – I need to make the same kind of shopping trip but I keep putting it off in hopes my reduced size will be the reason for new ones rather than the condition of the old ones!

    Have a relaxing weekend.

  7. Heather says:

    You see now that is why I never even started a relationship with The Wii-fit. I knew it would never work out. We are just too different. It’s not him, it’s me. LOL

    You hit the ground running and I can’t seem to be able to get my momentum. lol

  8. I tried yoga once. I was horrible. Maybe I will get my bike out, too. Then my cycling son can laugh at me and I can be humiliated all over again.

  9. Kris says:

    Oh ladies, I suck at yoga too, but it’s so much fun. Of course that might be because I do awesome antigravity yoga and get to hang upside down from the ceiling and get stuck upside down while all the other svelte, muscle-y yoginis are twirling around touching their toes to their neck. It’s still awesome. Hooray for antigravity yoga!

    I love the elliptical though. Never understood why people call it the devil machine or whatever. It is fantastic.

  10. We have an elliptical and I do love it. It’s better training than a treadmill and much kinder on the joints.

  11. Emma Jayne says:

    You are such a whirlwind! And before noon, even. Oy…

    Despite my post on how I almost died on the elliptical, it is because the Marquis de Merde made me go really fast and at a ridiculously high incline. I usually lurve the elliptical but it can get really boring.

    I think yoga would be too hard for your energetic personality unless you tried Bikram yoga…you know, the hot one where you get really sweaty in a 105 degree room full of other really sweaty people who would probably fling their ooze onto you. On second thought, maybe Bikram is too gross and not all that sanitary.

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