Myth, magick, fantasy, and crappe

Something new landed in the Jenworld mailbox the other day — a catalog called The Pyramid Collection:  Myth, Magick, Fantasy & Romance.  Based on the title, as well as some of the rather unusual articles of clothing on the cover, I was intrigued.

Okay, actually, I was delighted, as I knew that this could very well turn out to be a blog post.

And I was right, oh so right.

In fact, I was so delighted by the items within the pages of the catalog, that I had to limit myself to how many different products I could discuss.  I’ll go with ten.

Let’s start with this:

If I am ever invited to a wedding at Stonehenge, I am definitely wearing this.

Capes must be big with the Pyramid Collection’s demographic, as they have a whole cape section within their clothing offerings, so you can pretty much cover all of your velvet cape needs.

If I am ever cast as Endora in a remake of “Bewitched”, I am wearing this dress and these shoes:

I’ve decided that I am also going to dress as Cinderella at some point in my life, so I’m going to need these shoes:

I’d like to suggest that Stevie Nicks wear this outfit on the next Fleetwood Mac tour:

“Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night…”

For those of you who like to go all out for the Renaissance Faire, you’ll be pleased to know that this website has some offerings for you:

Or maybe you’d like to go to the Ren Faire dressed as Morgan, King Arthur’s witchy sister:

[Yes, I know that I've just mixed up historical eras, but that doesn't seem to stop the Renaissance Faire types.]

I’m kind of partial to that last outfit myself, particularly as I have a hankering this morning to wear headgear with striped horns and a sparkly veil.  It would match pretty well with the freaking tutu.  I’m not sure how aerodynamic the horns would be for running, but I guess I could give it a try.

The catalog also has men’s Renaissance Faire offerings, including those loose white flowing shirts that camouflage less-than-perfect bodies that don’t have time for exercise, due to the large amounts of time spent playing World of Warcraft.  Alas, they don’t have children’s clothes, so we here in Jenworld will not be able to get a family’s worth of costumes.

Fantasy costumes are, naturally, a large part of the catalog that I’m holding my hands.  You know — slutty pirate, slutty witch, slutty slut, and so forth.  (There are also a number of S-E-X toys available, including underwear with a battery-operated component AND a remote control, but I’m going to withhold comment on that.) I  like this fantasy costume and think it should be used for the Esmerelda character the next time Disney does The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Ice:

And on that note, I’ve hit my ten item limit and am going to restrain myself from further commentary.  But there was so much more that we could have covered, including the Victorian-era stuff, the New Age-y stuff, the steampunk stuff, the African stuff (not sure how it fits into the theme…), the vampire stuffthe list goes on and on.

Hopefully, today’s shopping post has been helpful to you and you’ll find something useful, such as for a Wiccan wedding.

Happy shopping!

~ ~ ~

Don’t forget about the chocolate giveaway!

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0 Responses to Myth, magick, fantasy, and crappe

  1. jenn says:

    I’ve gotten this catalog, too! What in my buying history landed me on their mailing list, I could not tell you.

    My initial thought was, “Who on earth would ever wear this stuff outside of a theater production?” Then I visited Salem, Massachusetts, where I kid you not, there are people roaming the streets in droves dressed like this. They’re not in character, mind you, these are their actual CLOTHES. I was stupefied.

  2. Frannie says:

    I received that catalog a few months ago. When you started talking about the outfits the first thought through my head was ‘I wonder if it had the purple spiderweb boot?’
    And there they were.

  3. I know why I get this catalog – because they sell many of those outfits in plus sizes! Over the years I have been amazed by some of the get-ups. But it is one catalog that I rarely miss looking through before I toss it into the recyling!

  4. Jen says:

    OK, I had to go and look – is it awful that I actually really like the green tea dress? Yes, I know, I’ve let you down, I’ve let myself down…

  5. paperdiva says:

    I never get any good mail anymore!
    I really think you might need to invest in the horned thing. It would look divine with the freaking tutu!

  6. Kirstin says:

    Jen – you never fail to give me a good snicker!

  7. I used to get that catalog, but it hasn’t appeared lately. I could really use those spiderweb boots, though.

  8. Patience says:

    They look like fun items for a costume party, but I get the impression these items are not cheap. I am imagining myself wearing the purple spider web shoes at a job interview.

  9. OK.

    I loooooove that cape. Sorry but I so love it. But you know the kind of fiction I read, so that should surprise you.

    The purple boots? Have you read the Septimus Heap books? Those are perfect for one of the main characters — she ONLY wear purple boots.

    And I hate to admit how much I love those black boots with the lace.

    Sigh. I was born all wrong.

  10. mollie bryan says:

    Umm, er…I never get good mail anymore.

  11. Slow Panic says:

    I wonder what their inventory is like? How many people buy this stuff? Do they have hundreds of each of those in stock? Do you think?

  12. Kris says:

    Just so you know, your title made me snort so hard I think I had an aneurysm.

  13. alison says:

    The “Rhiannon” quote got me. I snorted tea up and out my nose and spent the next few minutes coughing and flinging tea drops everywhere. I want a big Celtic symbol covered cape and spidey boots, truly I do.

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