Nacho mama

It’s Thursday, which means the resident children in Jenworld do not need to ask what’s for dinner tonight. Why? Because we always have the same thing — give or take a few ingredients — just about every Thursday night. For years and years. So long, in fact, that I can’t even tell you when this food rut family tradition started. I’m pretty sure it was the 20th century and it’s possible that a Democrat was fooling around in the Oval Office running this country.

So what is this meal, you might ask?

Nachos. Ahhhh…. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Pete and I love nachos. Going all the way back to our dating days in college, we’ve been big consumers of the Holy Trinity of corn chips, cheese, and beans.

Sometimes, our nachos are individually handcrafted with cheese, beans, and tiny pieces of steak and then carefully cooked in the oven. Those are artisanal nachos.

Most of the time, however, we’re lazy, so the nachos du jour are his ‘n’ her plates of ingredients piled high on a bed of chips and microwaved quickly. Those are basically McNachos.

Nachos aren’t real for Pete unless he burns a hole in his esophagus and (later) bowels through the excessive application of jalapeno peppers. I like to add corn to mine for extra crunch. The beans can be black, pinto, kidney, or refried; we’re really not picky but we do sometimes have a preference.

We love nachos so much that we eat them at least once, if not twice a week.

We also intersperse our nachos nights with these:

Anyone catching a theme here? That’s right, we’ve managed to cover three major food groups: cheese, corn, and spicy. Yum! Sometimes we’ll get really crazy and make a hot dip out of cheese (duh) and Ro-Tel and dig in so quickly after the pan comes out of the oven that we end up with second degree burns inside our mouths. It’s totally worth it.

On Thursday nights, we sometimes feed the girls early and then eat after they go to bed. We might just sit there and talk, but it’s also likely we’ll catch up on whatever TV show we’re watching on DVD. A bad habit, I know, but one that goes back to our early married years. I blame it on the Peacock:

I don’t know if NBC is still calling Thursday nights “Must See TV!” but way back in the ’90s, it was their big thing.

So Pete and I would come home and prepare a platter of nachos in anticipation of these guys:

This went on for years. We hit a bump in the road in September 1998 when Graceful was born. In fact, that was the very week that all our shows started up again after the summer hiatus had left us hanging on various cliffhangers. So there we were with a two-day old baby and our shows were starting up for the season. How could we watch them and take care of the Screaming One at the same time? All I can say is, thank goodness for VCR’s.

[Y'all remember those, don't you? Pre-dated DVD players and TiVo. Involved a big clunky tape with plastic-y ribbon inside.]

Our Thursday night viewing habits were a bit erratic for several years after that. You know, what with having a baby around and then deciding that she wasn’t so bad so maybe we should try again and then there was a baby and an angry toddler… So sometimes Thursday night TV was actually on Friday or even Saturday or maybe just the next week.

At some point in the past several years, we’ve gotten back to our lazy Thursday nights. For us, that’s the emotional beginning of our weekend. Having to get up for work and school the next day is just an unfortunate formality we have to go through.

Since I started Weight Watchers last fall, I’ve made some changes to my nacho consumption. I’ve cut way back on my portion sizes and also tend to have more veggie type stuff (corn, beans) on the chips than cheese, sour cream, or meat. I also usually drink water and skip the rum & cokes or daiquiris or other fun drinks.

I’ve already prepared for tonight. I bought three bags of blue corn chips yesterday and six cans of beans. Then I made sure that we had several large blocks of cheddar cheese and a couple of tubs of sour cream. I didn’t check our salsa supply, but I’m pretty sure Pete will let me know if our supply gets below critical levels. There are two poblano peppers on hand for maximum indigestion tonight, so we’re good to go.

I’m guessing Jenworld is not the only household with food habits such as ours. What about the rest of you?

Updated to add:  I thought about nachos so much this morning that I got a jump on things and had them for lunch.  Should help my migraine, right?  Also, I changed the lame-ass title of this post to something more fun.

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0 Responses to Nacho mama

  1. The Guider says:

    friday night is pizza night in the guider household. this involves strict rotation on a four weekly basis:

    Week one: Dominos
    Week two: made at home using ready made items – pizza bases, pizza sauce, grated mozzerella
    Week three: the local pizza place which J and I prefer to Dominos, and we get a small pizza to split and one of their yummy burgers to split instead of a larger pizza
    Week four: pizza made from scratch: flour, water etc – this is my favourite but takes longest hence why we don’t do it every week

    We vary from this only if going away for the weekend or if very very tired and it’s a make it week we will switch to a made up one.

    Tonight however, we will be trying some artisanal bread. A bakers opened round the corner from work literally an hour ago, and I asked the guy to recommend his best loaf, the one that would make me a regular. He recommended sundried tomato and garlic loaf and to serve it for dinner with scrambled eggs. So that’s what we are having.

  2. Kari says:

    Everybody who visits our home knows that Saturday night is take-away night. Come and visit any other night and I will be very happy to cook a meal for you, but come on a Saturday night and I will make no apologies for asking what you would like to order from the local chinese, indian, chippy, kebab house. This ‘tradition’ stems from way before we were married and I kinda like it.

  3. alison says:

    Can I come over for nachos? My picky eaters wouldn’t eat anything but the corn chips, and maybe some cheese, so it’s not something I’d make for myself, and I really like them.

  4. patience says:

    Nacho Thursday sounds like a great idea. We don’t have a specific night for a specific dinner, but I make homemade pizza at least once a week. I make the crust from scratch, which is very easy, and I learned, after calculating the cost of the ingredients during my sociology experiment on eating on a poverty budget, that a homemade cheese pizza costs $0.36/slice. And it’s one of the only dinners that the whole family loves.

  5. We don’t have any special dinner nights, but I like your idead of nacho nights. Sounds yummy!

  6. Kristabella says:

    I totally want nachos now! And it isn’t even 10 AM!

  7. When my husband was growing up, they had “Sunday Tacos.” We mix it up around here, but they’re still called Sunday Tacos even if we have them on another night.

  8. green girl says:

    Oh yum–I wish I had your food habits. We used to do Chinese take out often, but then we moved out to the sticks where NOBODY delivers. Very sad about that.

    Just gave you a MAJOR AWARD today, BTW.

  9. hotfessional says:

    Two for Tuesday Domino’s pizza. One veggie deep-dish. One hand-tossed pepperoni.

    That’s what happens when you live 4 miles from the Domino’s World headquarters. ;-)

  10. Totally pizza Friday. 1. because mummy’s had a shitty week and can’t be bothered to cook and 2. because the children LOVE the ice cream factory they have there!

  11. Grace Ellen says:

    I can vouch for the yuminess of these nachos. I get frequent cravings for them.

  12. zeghsy says:

    yum, i’m having them for lunch right now!!!

  13. Kristin says:

    Damn – now I want nachos…

  14. Elizabeth in Apex, NC says:

    Our favorite is eggamuffin sandwiches on Saturday mornings. You know, like the ones from McD’s. Only without the extra grease added to the english muffins. Sad that our kids don’t like them, but we don’t so much care. Theirs are modified to their individual pickiness. (But we love nachos, too!)

  15. This morning at work one of the pharmacists sliced up a beautiful cantaloupe and laid the slices on a platter for us all to share. I saw only the rind sides of the neatly arranged cantaloupes and thought they were tacos. TACOS!!!

    Damn. They weren’t tacos. And now, after reading your post, I am sooooo in the mood! : )

  16. We have family movie night, with popcorn for dinner! There’s always a big side of fruit and sliced cheese to pick from, but the truth is, popcorn’s the main draw!! We put butter, salt, and parmesan cheese on ours. Num!

    Thanks for the words on your father. I’m glad he’s still with you!

  17. MomBabe says:

    Friday night: Pizza and rootbeer. Word.

  18. prescott says:

    Thursday night around here = pizza night. Although I’ve been rebelling lately and ordering an antipasto salad for myself (don’t let the word “salad” fool you, I think that thing has more calories than the pizza).

    BUT. Friday night = nacho night, at least this week. I got a major craving just reading the title of this post.

  19. SarahO says:

    Somehow we got into this Tuesday night fried chicken thing. Making fried chicken takes me FOREVER and in the summer? The air conditioning just doesn’t crank up high enough to keep the house under 80 degrees when I’m boiling a vat of fat.

    If only my family loved nachos as much as I do.

    I’ll dream of nachos superemo tonight.

  20. I’ve had supper…..but my tummy’s rumbling now!

    I love crispy duck pancakes…but wish a friend hadn’t told me quite how many calories each one has…now I feel guilty!

  21. snowflake37 says:

    WANT NACHOS! Can’t eat Nachos yet……

    We don’t have set food nights due to everyone’s schedules but every week I make a big batch of roasted red pepper sauce. This can go on pasta, chicken or fish.

    One week I neglected it and never heard the end of it.

  22. Traci Anne says:

    OMG, now I want nachos. K and I had Burger Saturdays for a while there, where we’d sample various burgers around the city!

  23. We wing it around here. But we do love us some popcorn with our DVR’d TV shows.

  24. Nachos are my absolute favorite food evah!

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