My post-vacation high ended rather abruptly yesterday.

It wasn’t when I woke up at oh-my-god o’clock in the morning (a.k.a. 4:45 a.m.). or that Elegant was already awake and whistling to amuse herself.

Nor was it when I logged into my work computer and had to deal with 87 emails and then had to do some actual work. I know, the tragedy of working for a living.

I think the descent to reality started when I spent a crap load of money at Whole Foods in an attempt to restock our fridge and feed my family nutritious meals this week — yet neglected to get some essential ingredients, such as broth for the soup I was planning. Luckily, I improvise well and can now tell you that leftover tomato soup, water, and beef bouillion make a pretty good base for vegetable beef soup.

(Elegant would beg to differ, however, and opted to skip dessert last night instead of actually eating her dinner. Her choice and one I let her live with, even though it meant she might get hungry later.)

The fun continued when I discovered that Elegant’s teacher had assigned double homework since El missed school on Monday. If Elegant is difficult about her homework on a good day, imagine what she was like yesterday when she had been awake since 4:30 and had no nap after school. Consequently, Monday’s homework remains undone and hopefully we’ll get to it today.

(On the up side, Graceful’s teacher gets high marks for seeing that my girl was utterly exhausted by recess and having the school nurse call me to come get G early. While there, I pulled Elegant out early too. Might as well get a jump on our afternoon.)

Oh, and did you remember that yesterday was Tax Day? We did. Pete did a first run of the forms two weeks ago and, after discovering that we owed a mega crap load of our very own dollars, decided to wait until yesterday to actually officially file and write a check that almost exactly equaled our airfare to London. While we’re not happy about owing that much moolah, we’d rather owe the money and pay at the last second than have the Federal Guvment possess our money all year. And then, after that check was written, a second one was written for my estimated taxes for the first quarter of 2008. (I’m officially an independent contractor and have to file quarterly.) More money has now been given to the government. Pain, much pain, I tell you.

(Huge kudos to Pete for spending almost two hours on tax related paperwork and then rushing to the post office, whilst I sat at the other computer and caught up on y’all’s blogs. He’s a mensch, that one.)

The biggest jolt to my reality occurred when I realized that we’ve eaten almost all of the British chocolate that we invested in whilst at Cadbury World. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. There is a stash hidden away, because it’s a gift for my friend Melissa — the other half of the Dynamic Duo of Shoe Shopping — and her family. But if we don’t see them soon, that secret stash might accidentally shrink in size and scope.

Today, I slept until 6:00 and feel closer to normal, but Elegant was up at 4:30 AGAIN. No whistling today, thank goodness, and she opted to read quietly until I got up. Hobbit-like, she ate First Breakfast at 6:00 and then had Second Breakfast at 7:15 when Graceful got up. So, she might be tired today, but at least her stomach’s full.

The weather is here is absolutely glorious, as spring in Virginia tends to be, so I have no complaints in that department.

Finally, another photo from our trip. This one is me at Madame Tussaud’s:

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0 Responses to Reality

  1. I did the painful tax check writing last week. Even our kids owed money! Ouch.

  2. MomBabe says:

    oh my life, what is she doing up that early!

  3. melissawest says:

    Are you going to lick the Current Occupant? ha ha ha
    Off. The taxes are a wretched thing. We only owed a little which made us happy–better to keep that amount as close to zero as possible and our accountant did brilliantly this year.

    I hope the girls adjust better today to EST. Poor kids. Re-entry can be so tough between the jet lag and the catching up on work and chores.

  4. Jan says:

    Thanks for the catch-up post. Yes, tax day is a pisser. We always try to break-even. We’re never sucessful, but I’d rather write a check to Uncle Sam, than get one from him. It’s a false saving that many people fall into. But, over all I don’t mind paying taxes, we get so much out of what we pay. And I always think of the countries with much hight tax rates and lots of socialism, not for us; and of the countries with almost no taxes, and no services, uch.

  5. kristin says:

    LIsten, we wrote such a massive check to the IRS this year that my hand hurts from all those zeros… I now need to go and demand free vodka as part of my tax dollars at work program.

  6. Vanessa says:

    The post vacation drop is bad, no matter how you slice it. I think the only thing that can make it worse is combining it with tax day. Poor you! Literally and figuratively! I don’t miss the double payment of April 15 for independent contractors.

  7. Glad you are back and had a great time.

  8. snowflake37 says:

    Not sure where to start.

    Sorry El is still suffering from the jet lag thing. I feel her pain.
    Glad you got to sleep till 6 without whistling.

    Ummmm, your taxes? That sucks. Ours aren’t due til the end of the month but I did them at the beginning of Feb because, for a change, they owed ME!!

    Eat the chocolate if need be..your friend will understand.

    And I love, LOVE that pic. I would do the same in person.

  9. The Guider says:

    Did you eat the Jaffa Cake bars? Did you like?

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  11. SarahO says:

    So, why are you sticking your tongue out at Max Headroom?

    Oh. Is that supposed to be our illustrious President? Wow, if Bush looks that pretty, Madame Tussaud’s Prince Charles must look like George Clooney!

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